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August 16 - Steely Dan - Aja

As cool as I always thought Steely Dan is, I never owned any of their albums. Not until the Trouble Buddy package arrived earlier this summer. 484 more words


Midnight Thoughts

Its 12 am

guess what?

i think of you.

I thougt that time was the cure. But its not.

its not just the past about you and me, but its everything, im thinking about everything. 544 more words


Lily M

so lately iv been watching KPOP Superstar and this little girl caught my attention., i like how she manages to make a song her own and make it more beautiful., i didnt like this song when it initially came out but after hearing her rendition, it kinda resonated to me… 120 more words


Carmatec added a fresh feather to its crown with the launch of its career app on Google Play store. Our career mobile app works for job seekers 24/7/365 so that they don’t miss out on any professional opportunity. 352 more words

Cerita Aja Ini Mah: Mata Tertutup

Kenal orang yang teramat sangat suka tidur dan menutup mata?

Jangan terlampau cepat menyebut dia malas.

Ingat salah satu episode Ally McBeal *lagi-lagi* (maklum baru pertama kali nonton setelah diputar ulang di Fox sekarang, dulu waktu serial itu berjaya, saya masih kecil banget belum ngerti nonton begitu selain Ulil tokoh ulet di cerita Si Komo) — ada satu nenek menggugat (atau digugat ya, lupa) pada negara. 588 more words

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Depression Sucks

Last Monday evening, I watched a film about the life story of Sylvia Plath. It was really tragic. Then this morning I read a sad news about a teen actress who committed suicide. 173 more words