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First you understand the Dharma with your thoughts. If you begin to understand it, you will practice it. And if you practice it, you will begin to see it…We don’t meditate to see heaven, but to end suffering… 69 more words

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Two: Questions of monks to their teacher Ajahn Chah

Q:What can I do about doubts? Some days I’m plagued with doubts about the practice or my own progress, or the teacher.

Answer: Doubting is natural. 4,558 more words


Seeding the Mind Stream

I have practiced using the parikamma or meditation word “buddho” of and on for years but have often given up out of frustration that I’m not experiencing altered states or jhana during daily life. 116 more words


Questions of monks to their teacher Ajahn Chah

Question:I’m trying very hard in my practice but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Answer: This is very important. Don’t try to get anywhere in the practice. 987 more words


Meditation Allows To See Pure Mind

‘About this mind in truth there is nothing really wrong with it. It is intrinsically pure. Within itself it’s already peaceful. That the mind is not peaceful these days is because it follows moods. 213 more words

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Everyday Spiritual Life

My take on ‘Everyday Spiritual Life’ is the understanding that nothing exists in isolation – no person or event is an island to itself. This awareness helps in looking at people and situations with more compassion & understanding; such as why is the person being ‘mean’ to me as inherently he has same Buddha Nature as me so maybe he is/has gone through a tough time or maybe he is perceiving me as a threat. 592 more words

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Learning the Middle Path

Learning the Middle Path, the life of balance, allows the heart’s natural awareness and compassion to grow. We become free and gracious. I heard a story from the first Western monastery that Ajahn Chah set up in a forest two villages away from his main monastery. 154 more words

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