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Still, Flowing Water


I have known a few Buddhist monks, both of whom ordained at the same monastery, though at different times. Their names; Venerable Anenja and Venerable Mudu. 2,431 more words


Dealing with Disease, by Ajahn Sumedho

A very common illusion in the materialist world is that we should try to get rid of disease. I remember about twenty-five years ago (From a talk given in Australia in March 1987) in the States, before I ordained, people thought that modern science was going to get rid of all disease within the next twenty-five years. 1,342 more words


Bad mango

“We can actually see that these thoughts do not have our well-being in mind. They are like a bad friend or an approaching mugger, and we can recognise their harmful potential and immediately turn in another direction. 63 more words

Philosophy And Culture

"I hope you get well soon"

Another anecdote about the self-hatred endemic to human beings in Western culture which is¬†apparent to outsiders on first observing the culture …

“Ajahn Chah noticed this pervasive self-dissatisfaction when he helped lead a retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, in 1979. 124 more words

Philosophy And Culture

Poking a Red Ants' Nest

Sensuality is like taking a stick and using it to poke a big red ants’ nest. The more we poke it, the more the red ants come falling on us, onto our face, into our eyes, stinging our ears and eyes. 49 more words



We’re like a tree with roots, a base, and a trunk. Every leaf, every branch, depends on the roots to absorb nutrients from the soil and send them up to nourish the tree. 55 more words


Fluttering Mind

When we sit in a quiet forest when there’s no wind, the leaves are still. When the wind blows, the leaves flutter.

The mind is the same sort of thing as leaves. 57 more words