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Mussels Salad

Being an ocean lover but living in a country without a sea, this recipe brings me seaside flavors from back home …

500 g (1 lb)  153 more words


Too Porky, Beefy, Chickeny, and Vegetably

I don’t know if anybody has ever said something was too porky or chickeny, but I hear that for saba (mackerel) quite commonly, it’s “too fishy.” 845 more words


What Happens When You Stop Learning

As marketers we are all acutely aware of the importance and the challenge in trying to keep up (heck, trying to stay current) with the plethora of tools and sites and practices intrinsic to successful marketing practice in 2016. 621 more words



I post about sushi because it is an intimate food, the details are very so ever-present and hard to understand, yet so easy once you get it. 78 more words

Sushi Styles