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Ujjwal Nikam, enough theatrics, explain the acquittals

The theatrics of Ujjwal Nikam, the prosecutor in the 26/11 case is nothing new. The same man who had said that Kasab was served biriyani went ahead and withdrew that statement in a recent conference much to the disgust of the entire nation. 59 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

He was bin Laden (N yes, he was a Mother F'in Terrorist)

It was the 10th of March 1957, the dude was born..

First of all a minute of silence, to all those who share there birthday on the same date as his, 10th of March… 855 more words

Terror Boat: Terror blame game

The fear may have its roots in real pain but the exaggerated mistrust supersedes it today. As the scars and memories of that horrific day weigh heavily on the minds of most Indians even after six years, the narrative of how-to-look-at-the-“enemy” is reshaped from there. 1,183 more words

क्रूरकर्मा कसाब म्हणाला होता, झकी चाचानेच मुंबई हल्ल्यासाठी भडकवले!

नवी दिल्ली – मुंबईवर झालेल्या २६/११च्या हल्ल्यात जिवंत पकडण्यात आलेला एकमेव आरोपी अजमल कसाब याने चौकशीदरम्यान झकी-उर-रहमान लख्वीचा स्पष्ट उल्लेख केला होता. पोलिसांना त्याने लख्वीबद्दल सविस्तर माहिती दिली होती. 18 more words

My Memory of 26/11

Six years ago, I was in eleventh grade of school. It was a regular evening and we were at home watching the television. Everything was normal. 589 more words


Remembering 26/11

It was a usual day in 2008. I was ready for work, plugged in my earphones and listened to the radio as I waited for my bus outside my hostel in Kolkata. 736 more words