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First Ideas for a Claim Rule Engine

I am looking for applications of my scripting languages. I want to use AjLang, the core of AjSharp, written in C#. One use case could be a claim rule engine. 384 more words

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Running AjSharp in Azure

My weekend code kata was something I was thinking since last year: run AjSharp in Azure Worker Roles. The idea is: a worker role instance can receives text via queue messages containing AjSharp code, and execute it. 367 more words


Server and Client in Distributed AjSharp

In my previous posts:

I wrote a brief description of what I want for distributed AjSharp (my open source interpreter), and few screenshots of running programs. 404 more words


Memory transactions in AjSharp using References

Last year, I met Clojure, a Lisp dialect compiled to Java. I was coding AjSharpure (see AjLisp Family: Implementing Lisp Interpreters in C#), a Clojure-like interpreter (not compiler), in .NET (if you want a more complete implementation, there is a ClojureCLR, implemented in .NET compiled using DLR, Dynamic Language Runtime). 631 more words


Distributed AjSharp: a roadmap

Last weekend, I added distributed features to my open source interpreter AjSharp. I wrote about them in:

Distributed AjSharp: First Steps

In these days, I wrote more code to support distributed running of an AjSharp application. 406 more words


Distributed AjSharp: First steps

It was a great code kata this weekend. At Saturday afternoon, I started to play with serialization of commands in my AjSharp interpreter:

It was using Windows Communication Foundation, simple BasicHttpBindind and address. 569 more words

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