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Akaka Falls In The Rain

Heavy rains on the windward side of the Big Island are as normal as clouds in the sky.  It isn’t like rain on the mainland when most people grumble and complain about it, here it’s welcome, wanted and needed.  286 more words


The Sources of Our Songs

This coming week I have the honor and privilege of leading a group of students around the island exploring the meaning and history of Hawaiian mele and the places they are about. 874 more words

Trip to Hilo

Yesterday we decided to finally venture out and do something we haven’t done yet. I have been wanting to go to the eastern side of the island so bad since we got here, but there just hasn’t been a good time for it… until yesterday! 928 more words

From Waterfalls to Exotic Plants and Delicious Poke!

Good morning Big Island! After a good night sleep, we were refreshed and ready to go explore the island! I liked the fact that sunrise at 7 am so I don’t need to wake up my poor hubby to watch the sunrise with me or something crazy like that LOL! 2,144 more words


Hawai'i, Part I: Laupāhoehoe, Waimanu Valley, 'Akaka Falls, Punalu'u

So Hawai’i was awesome. That might prove to be the most obvious statement I make in 2015, but whatever. Over the course of the 20 days we spent on the island of Hawai’i (“the Big Island”) we backpacked into a remote, waterfall-studded valley, spent a few days at a white-sand oasis, enjoyed sunsets with sea turtles, and swam with dolphins. 18 more words