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Check this track by Akb

Akb, Dj/Producer from United Kingdom with natural talent, awesome track that you can listen here:

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Maeda Atsuko: "I No Longer Have Expectations of Men"

During the May 24th episode of Bokura no Jidai, ex-AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko talked about how she wanted to quit work and also opened up about her love life. 475 more words


Tatakau! Shoten Girl - Episode 3 Review

Look out, jealous Mayu is on the loose.

Following the events of the second episode, Mayu spends the first part of the episode trying to figure out who Yudai Chiba’s Takahiko Mita likes (it’s Inamori Izumi’s Nishioka Riko). 270 more words




真係估唔倒,今個月SKE48三位成員來過開Fans Meeting後,竟然唔夠一個月又有另一個Fans Meeting!真係知講咩好!好多謝香港官店為港飯帶來一連串的驚喜!多謝ERIC~~~~ (真係好想大叫:「ERIC,你好靚仔呀!」)


今次又再一次係西九龍中心舉行Fans Meeting喇!相信大家都熟哂所有規則,要點做要點去唔駛再問人喇!不過,提一提大家,記住睇番官店公布嘅細節,記得係邊日抽呀!

「HKT48 Fan meeting in Hong Kong 2015.05.12」活動公佈及報名詳情

日期: 5月12日(二)18時30分~21時(暫定)
出席成員: HKT48 田島芽瑠、村重杏奈、本村碧唯
活動内容: 簽名&握手會
會場: 西九龍中心1樓大堂
参加方法: 於會員俱樂部網站「線上購物」>「活動報名」一欄, 購買「簽名&握手會成員個人海報」 (HK$270/張),便可於活動當天憑握手/簽名卡入場, 與該位成員握手並即場取得簽名海報。

Yamegoku - Episode 1 Review

Oshima Yuko stars in this drama about a young woman seven years removed from something tragic happening to her father. Whatever it was put her on a path to make yakuza members want to quit their clans one by one, gave her an attitude and an gnarly haircut. 166 more words