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Outrun / Straight Outta Akiba

Fast cars and Japanese idols. An unusual mix for some, but these two deep interests of mine somehow came together and made the 8th of November 2015 one of the best Sundays I’ve had in a while.  515 more words


NMB48's Jonishi Kei Opens Official Instagram Account

NMB48 Team N member Jonishi Kei opened an official Instagram account, @jonishi_kei on 22nd September 2015. As of 23rd September, her account containing 4 posts has garnered slightly over 5000 followers. 40 more words


From andrea bennett:

The bare legs of Toronto

pass each other by, knobby knees nodding from miniskirts and Daisy Dukes. The legs, the arms, the thumbs scrolling, hovering, lighting and pocketing.

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The Blinkered Biased Corporation

Ideally I wouldn’t make another “me talking about the industry” post so soon after the last one but the BBC has been doing the typical western news outlet thing of stereotyping weird fans of weird idol culture recently so instead of snarky captions about idols here is another “thoughts” post. 1,361 more words


Check this track by Akb

Akb, Dj/Producer from United Kingdom with natural talent, awesome track that you can listen here:

(Note: I’m having trouble with Soundcloud embeds. Click on the pic!!!) :)