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Lux Tenebrae


Today I’m writing a post about the seventh novel by Giacometti and Ravenne entitled Lux Tenebrae. This one has been the fuller on esotericism so far. 265 more words

Historical Fiction (fantasy)

Object Biography # 22: A sculptor’s trial piece of Akhenaten(?) drinking

Ancient Egyptian art was governed by a strong sense of decorum – i.e. what was permissible to depict and how it was presented – especially in relation to the Pharaoh. 612 more words

Object Biography

Did Akhenaten invent Monotheism?

The first evidence we have of Israelites in Canaan is approximately 1200 BCE and in the opinion of non-religious scholars of the Bible, the earliest passages of the Old Testament do not date any earlier than about 950 BCE.   601 more words

Religion And Spirituality

Is this AMERICA?

This is found in the book of Ezra chapter 9: 1-13, however I see this could be America

Ezra’s Prayer concerning Intermarriage

1When these things had been done, the Jewish leaders came to me and said, “Many of the… 635 more words

Amenhotep IV

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh of 18th dynasty. The younger son of Amenhotep III, his reign was between 1353-1336BCE or 1351-1334BCE. He ruled 17 years. His queens were Nefertiti and Kiya in chronological order. 284 more words


Akhenaten – An ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

It’s been a while since I mentioned one of my passions. I’m a lover of ancient Egypt and this particular King was from the period which interests me the most hence my reblogging is piece. 60 more words


The Ancient Egyptian Mourning Ritual, existed also in Amarna?

During the reign of Akhenaten many things changed in Ancient Egypt. The new Pharaoh modified the artistic canon, his residence, the religion, the cult…but what happened with the death? 72 more words