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Meet King Tut’s Father, Egypt’s First Revolutionary

Sometimes the most powerful commentary on a king is made by those who are silent. One morning in Amarna, a village in Upper Egypt about 200 miles south of Cairo, a set of delicate, sparrowlike bones were arranged atop a wooden table. 2,644 more words

Ancient History

Father of King Tut

Akhenaten upended the religion, art, and politics of ancient Egypt, and then his legacy was buried. Now he endures as a symbol of change.In Berlin’s Neues Museum, Akhenaten’s bust bears the scars of upheavals ancient and modern. 4,794 more words

Akhenaten Modes

Πώς συνδέεται άραγε ο σύζυγος της Νεφερτίτης και πατέρας του Τουταγχαμών με έναν Γάλλο Ιησουίτη μοναχό του 18ου αιώνα μ.Χ., την πόλη Wuhu στην νοτιοανατολική Κίνα, τη Βαλτιμόρη του 1937, τη Στουτγάρδη της δεκαετίας του 1980 και εντέλει με την παγκόσμια ιστορία του μονοθεϊσμού; 25 more words

Aten the One God

I am sharing this Blog Post which I have written for Nubian Cataract Hotel and Restaurant.  I recently started working there as Public Relations/Marketing Manager this is the reason for my long absence from writting.   100 more words

Working With God

1567-1568 Alice Mandell - The Amarna Letters

Called by one author, “a preface to Biblical History,” the Amarna tablets describe the Canaanite world just before the Israelites arrived. These diplomatic messages were sent from Canaanite kings and others to the Pharaoh Akhenaton, describing and complaining about various circumstances. 75 more words

Archaeological Interviews

Egypt and it's influence on Judaism 

When studying ancient Egypt it is fascinating yet it shouldn’t be how much of Judaism is intertwined with the people of Isreal and the Old Testament. 1,000 more words