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How did Monotheism Develop?

While monotheism is seen as something that has derived from Judaism, the history of how monotheism became pervasive is complex. Integrating both historical and archaeological data, we find that the rise of monotheism has been influenced by key political events. 195 more words

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The 'Heretic Pharaoh' and Monotheism

I originally wrote this essay while at university, when I had good books…and a brain!

Speculation that the Egyptian religion was monotheistic during the Amarna period has made this period and its god the Aten the subject of much scholarly debate. 4,056 more words


Astounding Animation Glimpses Into Amarna, The Royal Egyptian City Of Akhenaten


The royal city of Amarna was a relatively ‘new’ settlement if viewed from the perspective of Ancient Egyptian history. 586 more words

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King Tut: rock star, pop idol, enigma

It was November 4, 1922, and another hot day in the Valley of the Kings. It was always hot, and dry, and dusty. But the Valley had yielded countless finds and many treasures, so the heat and aridity did not stop industrious diggers from their pursuits. 1,780 more words

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Thursday December 21, 2017

Notes diminish slowly, like particles falling through space across brief durations. A friend’s voice, heavily masked, brings light. Does my focus increase or diminish when I convince myself that the object-world is no more than a single, alien form of consciousness: one, however, that will grant me the power to decode the messages it sends me, so long as I let it? 284 more words

Another version of the origins of Christmas

Since we do have winter-solstice today (which is the day in which the days are shortest in the year), I wanted to remind you that there was a festival for that time called… 122 more words