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Helleborus - The Carnal Sabbath

If we narrowed a search of Colorado black metal groups down to those with members in only one band, I think we would have at least half as many. 348 more words


Strange dreams.

Last week I had a very strange dream. It was about Thor Ragnarok but I suspect it was more about the Norse pantheon.

From what I remember, it was a bit like a film where the men’s heads floated towards you saying things (about Thor I think) and then I saw “Thor” (a.k.a Chris Hemsworth) who I think was talking about the film, but the odd bit was a man who had long reddy brown hair and beard, dressed in green cloth  and brown fur. 148 more words


The Light and the Eye of the Cobra – River of the Sun 2015...

The water was soft on his skin. He was used to bathing in the river at sunset, but there was something special about today. He looked across at the glittering image of the sun as its reflection folded on the water, bouncing the golden light across the gentle waves at him. 1,388 more words


Turn Your Eyes Towards Memphis (Egypt) for out of it will come The Great Confusion - Warning Prophecy!!!

Simple Truth

If I was an archaeologist and found myself digging deep into the past as archaeologists do, then I would surely find myself in a state of shock and awe if I were to discover the above prophecy (in the video). 348 more words


Pyramid Stones, Eureka Technology Part 2

A Greek by the name of Herodotus lived back four hundred and ninety years before the Christian era began and is considered by The Scholarly World to be “The Father of History.” In one of his many books that he wrote called HISTORY BOOK II page 124. 2,544 more words


He Who Is Alone / The Egyptian by Mika Waltari

Do we choose to live alone or is it our fate to be lonely? Perhaps it is easier to convince yourself that your loneliness is predetermined and that all your efforts are doomed. 757 more words

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Pharaoh Akhenaten: Eccentric, Philosopher, Artist, Living God and Prophet

The Amarna period was marked by the inauguration of Akhenaten, the prince formerly known as Amenhotep IV. Succeeding his father Amenhotep III, Akhenaten then reigned for 17 years married to the famously beautiful Nefertiti. 1,253 more words