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Part Ten: Royal Finale

She made her entrance fashionably late, commanding the attention that she deserved because of her elegance and beauty. It was striking to watch how one person could enter a room and render it silent with admiration.

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The Dinner Party Series

The Aten Cult Dilemma

Akhenaten Egypt is so unique because it is seen as a iconoclasm of all the traditional Egyptian polytheism mythos. Further it transforms Egypt into a monotheistic culture and drastically changes the economy of the kingdom. 1,452 more words

This is a thing that is happening.

Too soon to tell if it will be any good.  Ben Kingsley can chew up some scenery, though.

The Prisoner in the Tower

The theme of the ‘Prisoner in the Tower’ has been on my mind a lot recently – well, ever since Stuart and Sue asked if I would create a three-part poem in the style of Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol‘ for one of their forthcoming books. 1,032 more words



It’s hard to make up my mind about David Gibbins’ “Pharoah”.  He has a lot going for him, from my point of view.  He has professional expertise in archeology, underwater archeology in particular, so his descriptions of field work are both interesting and convincing.  295 more words

Book Review

King of Kings

I am at an interesting stage in the writing of the Silent Eye’s April workshop. We are not up to production, yet. This early stage is about taking the initial ideas and coalescing them into a workable set of five dramas based on sacred temple principles. 807 more words