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The Three Beautiful Things

3 beautiful characteristics mentioned in the Qur’an:

Beautiful Patience
صَبۡرً۬ا جَمِيلاً
Beautiful Forgiveness
ٱلصَّفۡحَ ٱلۡجَمِيلَ
Beautiful Departure
هَجۡرً۬ا جَمِيلاً۬

🌹Beautiful patience means you do not whine about your life, you do not complain about it to anyone except ONLY to Allah s.w.t., like the way of Ya’qub a.s. 409 more words

Qur'an Gems

Right & Left

Lately, we’ve been discussing right and left, especially when we go on our evening walks around the neighborhood. To help my daughter learn her left and right, I decided that she needed a visual that she could see daily so that she can review the concept herself. 347 more words


Kandungan Ajaran Islam

Oleh: Ahmad Ifham Sholihin

Kandungan ajaran Islam terdiri dari 3, yakni Aqidah, Syariah, Akhlaq.

Aqidah ini terkait dengan ajaran suci laa ilaaha illaLlaah, tiada Tuhan selain Allah. 177 more words


Judging/Labeling Someone You Don't Know


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wbt.

This conversation was taken from another post of mine in 2014 because I feel it is relevant to this blog post, insyaAllah. 1,182 more words

Of Humility

Do not let people’s praise get to our head. Do not be proud of our looks, wealth, knowledge, or piety. Our achievements are nothing in comparison to the great sahabah, yet they were the most humble of people. 71 more words


Conditions to Strike the Young Ones | Shaykh al-'Uthaymīn 

شُرُوطُ ضَرْبِ الصِّغَار

The conditions for striking the young ones:

1 – أنْ يكونَ الصغيرُ قابلًا للتأديب، فلا يضرب مَنْ لا يعرف المراد بالضرب.

1- The young one is capable of being disciplined, so do not strike those who do not know the purpose of the striking. 92 more words


Spinner of Sneezes

“Ah-choo! Mama, say YARHAMAKULLAH. Yarhamakullah.”

Every time my daughter sneezes, she reminds me to say Yarhamakullah. She hates to say Alhamdulillah when she sneezes. She prefers to say Yarhamakullah too. 240 more words