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My Helpful Akian

Not only does my Akian help me wash the dishes, she helps me wash clothes, she cleans the room, she fixes the bed, and she helps me cook too! I’m the luckiest!


Red Loves Red

Red in red. She has destroyed over 30 of my lipsticks. Now, I keep them in a vault otherwise, the number would keep rising. =)


Watch this [whole] video -even though it hurts- and see why parent advocates are VITAL for children with language difficulties.

There really are no words. I watched this video and all I could do was cry for this poor little boy and every other child that had these women as teachers. 266 more words


S. Jersey Father Claims Teacher Bullied His Autistic Son

By Jericka Duncan

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — Stuart Chaifetz of Cherry Hill, posted an alarming video on Youtube, Monday.

In it, he alleges school aides and teacher Kelly Altenburg had bullied his 10-year-old son, Akian, who has autism, while at Horace Mann Elementary. 204 more words


Rise Up Revolutionaries!

Dear fellow Dignity Revolutionaries:

We live in a time when any person with a story to tell can tell it.  Technology is not the message but the means for the messengers.  606 more words

Father records verbal abuse of his son by teacher, aides

This is one that will make your blood boil. It’s worth watching the video all the way to the end.

Then saying:

– how can we stop this from ever happening again… 219 more words

Dad plants a wire on his son - records school mistreatment

A New Jersey man has launched a website to publicize what he calls “a culture of bullying” by teachers in his son’s Cherry Hill classroom after sending the boy — who has been diagnosed with autism — to school with a covert recording device. 251 more words