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I know I’ve covered some heavy topics this week on Sharing Love and Truth. It’s time to lighten up and find some inspiration!

I’m reading Mark 8 this morning and hear my Jesus say, “But what about you? 202 more words


Akiane's Success Principles

1- Dedication and passion. I am completely focused on my work and get up at four in the morning, for many hours painting in my studio, detail after detail, layer after layer, month after month—sometimes spending as much as four months on a single painting. 485 more words


How Valuable Love Is

Once upon a time, in an island there lived six feelings and emotions: Happiness, Knowledge, Love, Sadness, Richness and Vanity. One day they discovered that the island began sinking! 272 more words


A bit of fun on a frigid morning....

One of my friends on facebook challenged everyone to play a game where you post

1. A painting

2. A Book

3. A Song

4. A Movie… 324 more words


Akiane's Love, Heart and Soul

The Garden Arch

This painting was first begun with a stone wall. But one day I dreamt of an egret family at the end of a garden arch, and soon the vines replaced the wall.

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Meet Prodigy Akiane

With so many scientific achievements we know so little of where we came from and where we are going. But we know even less of the most important discovery of all – Love.

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Artist of the Week: Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik is 20 years old and her parents are Mark Kramarik and Forelli Kramarik. She started having vivid dreams about creation and God at a very young age. 57 more words