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Lost in Japan: Akihabara

Good old electric town, Akihabara. I think we will be able to get to this area during the course of the trip and it would be fun to retrace my steps from 2017 when I had a guided tour through the area. 59 more words


Typhoon Hagibis turns Tokyo into an eerie ghost town【Pics, Video】

In Akihabara, giant screens blared happy tunes to deserted streets as a life-threatening typhoon approached Japan. 828 more words


Japan Experience | Facing Stereotypes in the Samurai Homelands

Japan looks for me like a missing puzzle in an Asia game. Having travelled through South and South East Asia I have always had a feeling of missing something. 1,299 more words


18+ Where to Buy Women's and LGBT Adult Toys in Japan

My darling members of the LGBT community and women of all ages and fanciful interests! I devote this blog post to you and all your fun-filled desires! 544 more words


Transporting it Home from Akihabara

Akihabara, known as a conglomeration of electric stores and the haunt of committable computer nerds, also had lots of stores that sold new and used musical instruments, such as, as I recall, the Sofmap Ongaku-kan (Sofmap音楽館). 333 more words