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A Not-So-Wonderful Sunday

Usually Akira Kurosawa can talk me into anything, but even I have finally found a Kurosawa film that left me glancing repeatedly at my watch. “One Wonderful Sunday” (1947) starts off promisingly enough as an unflinching look at life in post-war, unreconstructed Tokyo. 1,127 more words

High and Low [subtitled]

The 1962 Japanese crime drama High and Low is actually the first Akira Kurosawa film I’ve ever seen. (I saw clips from The Seven Samurai… 1,199 more words


Haiku Review: The Dollars Trilogy

A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

Nope, never heard of
Akira Kurosawa
Why do you guys ask?

For a Few Dollars More (1965)

Boom, dude. This movie… 32 more words


Review: Films Inspired By Japan - Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

As Tokyo Fox is slowly running short of films ‘set’ in Japan to review, it’s time to start a new series analysing those movies inspired by Japan that have been set in other countries, most commonly the USA.  693 more words

Japan Life

BİR AMERİKAN SPİRİTÜELİ: Cumhuriyet, Estetik, Hüzün, Bayram ve İnsan-ı Kamil Üzerine bir Deneme

Washington DC’de özel bir gün bugün. Sakura Matsuri yani Kiraz Çiçekleri Bayramı nedeniyle herkes dışarıda. Amerika’nın kuruluş dönemini yaşatan askeri bando Thomas Jefferson  Anıtı önünde Amerikan Cumhuruna bir gösteri yapıyor.  613 more words

Dodes'ka-den (1970)

What struck me the most about this was the curious game of duality between misery and perseverance that encompasses the entire film. It’s embedded everywhere, in one form or another, from the mentally handicapped boy who goes through life living inside his personal dream world where he’s a tram conductor and repeats the titular onomatopoeia (referring to the clickety-clak noise that trams make as they move) while he rides his make belief tram on its the  daily route through the landfills roads, to the beggar and his son who live are trapped in utter poverty and seem to find solace in a delusional  daily activity of fantasizing and planning a luxurious dream house house for themselves that they are going to build. 185 more words

Watched Movie

The Book Report: Something Like an Autobiography - Sugata Sanshiro

In the The Book Report, I like to look at movies in the context of the director’s Autobiography. Here we look at the early career of Akira Kurosawa. 547 more words

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