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Kagemusha - Review

Spoiler Alert – Ahoy, matey! There be spoilers ahead!

I’ve been becoming quite the fan of Akira Kurosawa, my experiences starting with none other than Seven Samurai, and my most recent viewing of one of his films being… 658 more words


'Yojimbo' - A Review by Aaron Hennessy

The film opens with a wandering ronin: a masterless, directionless samurai. As he flippantly chooses which path to trod, and soon comes into contact with people – who are in the midst of a minor domestic squabble, their son has run off to join a gang and abandoned his agricultural duties – the beautiful remastering of the Criterion Collection edition is captivating. 490 more words


"Fool's Life" after Akutagawa in New York City

Here is a quick recommendation for a last-minute entry into this year’s Midtown International Theatre Festival: “A Fool’s Life,” which opened this evening and is scheduled to run at the Davenport Theatre (at West 45th Street) only tomorrow and Saturday evenings. 870 more words

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On My Weekend

This past weekend, I decided to play less video games. I didn’t not play video games, I just didn’t play them for as long as I often do. 764 more words


Let's take time to appreciate Kurosawa

Great analysis of a master filmmaker. If you loved this video, check out Tony Zhou’s other video essays on Every Frame a Painting.

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Turbine Philosophy #15 - Great movies, Wonderful experiences

This week we’re going to the movies, to talk about certain moments I’ve witnessed and have impacted me one way or another, and I’d like to share that with you. 931 more words

Turbine Philosophy

1947 Blogathon: Postwar Hope and Despair: ONE WONDERFUL SUNDAY and VIOLENCE

This entry is part of the 1947 Blogathon sponsored by Shadows and Satin and Speakeasy. I chose two films from 1947 to write about and my original plan was to do separate entries on them, but after watching them back-to-back, I realized that the contrasts between them were so interesting that I thought it best to do a comparison piece. 3,538 more words

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