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Phoenix Talks: How I Got Into JMovies

So this is part two of introducing myself, and how I got into the topics I talk about on my blog. If you’re curious about anything you can check out… 775 more words


Archaeology Corner: Battle Beyond the Stars

At first sight, Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) may appear to be nothing more than a shameless rip-off of Star Wars (but then Star Wars… 473 more words


A Psycho-Tribal Primer on the Escalating Syrian Crisis - EOJ or Empire or Judea - Judeo-Nazis - ‘Russia’, ‘Syria’, and ‘Trump’ as Metaphors - ‘Progressivism’ as Political Putty of Jews and Homos - Deep State of Affairs

Sometimes, to best understand a phenomenon, one must look beneath the labels and layers of official narrative. One must also observe and analyze individuals and groups by what they do than what they claim. 17,098 more words

A Response to Trevor Lynch’s Analysis of RASHOMON by Akira Kurosawa


Trevor Lynch(or Greg Johnson?):

Rashomon is the story of a rape and murder committed in 12th-century Japan. Or, rather, it is four radically divergent stories of the same rape and murder. 2,194 more words

"Isle of Dogs," and "Mozart in the Jungle": White Men Try to Explain Japan To Us

I have mixed feelings about “Isle of Dogs,” just as I do about other Wes Anderson films. On the one hand, it’s an homage to Japanese culture, particularly the films of Hayao Miyazaki and Akira Kurosawa. 424 more words


ISLE OF DOGS (2018) movie review

Wes Anderson rides again in his purest puppy parade to date.
While he famously kills a dog in each of his symmetrical dollhouse menagerie films, here in… 380 more words