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The Little Things

I don’t use my email accounts nearly as much as I used to. The parsley of communication now filters through social media accounts. When I log in for business and the more formal stuff, there tends to pile up the more SPAMMISH letters. 256 more words

I love spam.

Let me clarify. Digital spam, not the meaty treat that comes in a can. I love reading the spam.

I hate getting it. 139 more words


Spams are no longer in love with me

It is the interaction which connects us in this virtual world. Yes, definitely the relationship was built upon the blogs. But above to that, I think it got nurtured from the interactions, from the comments we do. 97 more words


I think I'm in spam jail again...

Actually, I’m pretty sure that I am because none of my comments are showing up anywhere. LE SIGH! Can you guys bail me out again?! Did this happen to anyone else TWICE within 5 months time? 12 more words


Hilarious Spam

I check my Akismet spam and delete it regularly.

However, this little gem I just had to share:

The cut-throat round about golfing!

For you if you have a problem thinking about how the amount of golf shots they get, there are many of tools accessible to apply. 109 more words


Spam Again???

After a few blissful days of being able to comment on my friend’s blogs, the spam-blocker has reared its ugly head again. I noticed it when I answered a couple of questions on a friend’s post and she never responded. 35 more words

Reblogging My Posts...

It is lovely when another writer likes what I have written enough to reblog it on their own site…

However, I do not think any of us want this to become an automatic, unthinking response to everything, no matter how crap, we write – and it is always best if the person reblogging explains, in a few words, what has inspired them about this particular piece first. 126 more words