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Students YOUTUBING!!!

At the beginning of the year my sports students have to do a number of diary entries over time about their experiences in a variety of sporting activities. 427 more words

Standard 2: Te Akoranga Ngaiotanga / Professional Learning

Innovation Station Unit Reflection

For the past two and a half months I have been delivering a unit of teaching called Innovation Station to a group of primary school students aged between 5 and 10 years. 657 more words

Standard 2: Professional Learning/Akoranga Ngaiotanga

Kiwi cash & QR codes

This term our inquiry is based around the quote ‘Culture is the widening of the mind’, and the tamariki in Room 5 have shown an interest in learning about Kiwiana. 360 more words

Standard 5: Design For Learning/Te Hoahoa Akoranga

Learning Sign Language

Today Whaea Mel taught us some sign language. Starting this week (NZ Sign Language Week) we will be learning something new in sign language every time we meet for professional development. 79 more words

Standard 2: Professional Learning/Akoranga Ngaiotanga

Nothing about us without us: Student wellbeing

This post was first published on CORE Education’s blog. Click here to see the original.

Schools cannot simply rely on their positive culture and respectful relationships to promote wellbeing but need to provide opportunities for students to make decisions about their wellbeing and to be active in leading their learning, …

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Boy Writers: Reclaiming Their Voices

Today I finished reading a book called Boy Writers: Reclaiming Their Voices by Ralph Fletcher (2006). It was a really interesting book that focused on understanding how and why boys write and the ways teachers can shape the classroom writing environment to be more responsive to the needs of boy writers. 1,451 more words

Standard 2: Professional Learning/Akoranga Ngaiotanga

Inquiring Into My Teaching

WHAT: what is the teaching / learning experience?
My Teaching as Inquiry focus for this term and into the initial part of next term is answering the question – “If I differentiate my teaching in writing, how will it affect my focus student’s achievement, motivation and engagement?” The impetus for this Inquiry comes from a young student in my class who came into my class writing at NZC level 1b, even though he is the oldest in my class of mostly year 3s. 543 more words

Professional Development & Readings