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Progress on the prototype for a possible next version of akonadi

Ever since we introduced our ideas the next version of akonadi, we’ve been working on a proof of concept implementation, but we haven’t talked a lot about it. 584 more words


A new folder subscription system

Wouldn’t it be great if Kontact would allow you to select a set of folders you’re interested in, that setting would automatically be respected by all your devices and you’d still be able to control for each individual folder whether it should be visible and available offline? 1,184 more words


Note for the Akonadi-pgsql users

A regression was introduced in Qt 4.8.5 (and Qt5) while fixing another issue. This will have unexpected effects if you’re using the Postgres backend. 16 more words


Gentoo and KDE SC 4 (Akonadi and Friends)

This is not a thorough review. Instead, it’s more of a technology status update.

The Skinny

After a quick google search regarding Akonadi, Nepomuck and related services it has become apparent that there are/were a number of KDE users unsatisfied with the performance of these additions to the core of KDE. 270 more words


Plus possible d'ouvrir de fenêtres sous KDE à cause d'akonadi : Maximum number of clients reached

Depuis une mise à jour récente (dans le courant de mars 2012), j’ai rencontré comme une limite du nombre de fenêtres ouvertes dans mon environnement KDE (et justement pas sous Gnome). 195 more words

KDEPIM bug fixes in KDE 4.8.1

If you added the KDE Release calendar to your favorite organizer, you probably noticed that KDE 4.8.1 will be released in a couple days. 503 more words


KDE nepoCrap

The latest item in my life laundry to-do list was to sort out the infernal problems with KDE4, specifically with the nepomuk/virtuoso-t/akonadi database system.

The idea of it seems to be some kind of all-encompassing indexing system that allows rapid searching through documents and emails, well, pretty much anything you link it to. 336 more words