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How Ataturk laid the foundations for Erdogan’s success

On 29 October 1923, much to the dismay of the Sanusi Order in North Africa and other non-Turkish pro-Ottoman fighters who had sought to salvage the remains of the ‘Islamic’ empire, Ataturk announced the founding of the modern Turkish Republic. 704 more words


Our Governmental Authorities and Lesbians

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç made a statement to imply that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has very little chance of passing the election threshold . 2,428 more words

Law & Politics


Genel Seçimlere yaklaştığımız şu günlerde seçimlerle ilgili bazı şeyler yazmak istedim. 7 Haziran 2015’te yapılacak seçimlere herkesin bildiği üzere 20 Siyasi Parti katılacak. Tabi ki bunlardan meclise girmesi muhtemel 4 parti AKP,CHP,MHP ve HDP’dir. 818 more words

May Day and Football's Interaction with Political Developments in Turkey: Early May 2015

Another May Day came and went in Istanbul with much of the same old—police force used to suppress demonstrations on the “Worker’s Holiday”. This year, however, there was a little bit of an international feel to it all in the wake of the… 654 more words


AKP: Accepted!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been accepted into the Associated Kyoto Program! I’ll be studying at Doshisha University and hopefully be taking some interesting courses. 194 more words


AK Partinin 2015 Haziran Genel Seçimindeki Oylarının Tahmini

2002 den bugüne Ak Partinin oylarını ve Türkiye’nin ekonomik büyüme verilerini alıp  acaba “İstikrar Sürsün Türkiye Büyüsün” Sloganı gerçek mi değil mi diye SPSS programı yardımıyla bir kaç analiz yaptım. 249 more words

Domestic Transformations and Foreign Policy Change: The Rise of Revisionist Turkey

The article was first published on Changing Turkey, 06 May 2015.

The presentation I delivered during the 6th Changing Turkey workshop at Warwick University sought to explore Turkish foreign policy change under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) towards the Middle East from a Neoclassical Realist (NcR) perspective and it was based on my PhD thesis. 1,286 more words