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Deputy Prime Minister claims lesbians [and Kurds] not part of society!

Discriminatory claims by Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan:

“The HDP declaration mentions Kurds 8 times, lesbians 9 times. Is this the Turkish society?”

Kaos GL, “Başbakan Yardımcısı, lezbiyenlerin toplumun parçası olmadığını iddia etti!” [“Deputy Prime Minister claims lesbians not part of society!”], 23 April 2015, …

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Discrimination & Hate Crimes

Guest Post: Is The CHP Restoring Some Of Its Mojo?

With the Turkish parliamentary election a little more than six weeks away – and being cognizant of the fact that I’ve been ignoring the Ottomans side of the blog in recent months – today’s guest post comes to you from Selim Koru, who is  1,011 more words


Turkish Student Gets Prison Sentence for Sharing Satirical News

Zaytung is a Turkish satirical news network. The crew behind Zaytung has been writing funny parody versions of real news, creating absurd-fake stories, mostly generating hilarious satirical pieces for years. 228 more words


Prison Sentence for Porn Containing "Unnatural Sexual Acts" in Turkey

Turkey continues to target sexuality of the citizens with laws and new directives. Previously upon –by then Prime Minister- Erdoğan’s remarks about co-ed housing, several citizens had received visits from police for not complying with general social norms. 625 more words


Turkey's most powerful president since Ataturk: A profile of Recep Tayyip Erdogan

It would not be an exaggeration to say Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is currently one of the world’s most charismatic leaders. Any conversation about Turkey always includes a reference to Mr Erdoğan – such is the growing cult of personality – and in a country which reveres great leaders, i.e.

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The Cone of Silence: Censorship and Restriction of Expression in Turkey

By Kaitlyn Posa

Turkey has become renowned as a hotbed for censorship and a nightmare for journalists. Although espousing democratic and secular ideals, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has promoted restrictions of freedom of speech throughout its term as the ruling party in Turkey. 1,275 more words


Turkey’s vengeful president Erdogan is squashing his country’s rise

Turkey’s mixed record over the last decade can be summarized as the transformation of a regional poster child into a huge disappointment.

Although ostensibly democratic, Turkey is a de facto authoritarian regime, and one that increasingly supports systems of clientelism and patronage. 780 more words