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Can Turkey Continue as an Emerging Power Despite Issues of Instability?

The economic future of Turkey and its potential to emerge as a leading economy is both unpredictable and fascinating. As one of the few secular, democratic states in the Middle East, Turkey has acted as a strong stabilising force in the region. 484 more words

Why the adoration for Erdoğan among the Turks abroad remain so rock solid?

”Let’s be brutal: democracy is dying. And the most startling thing is how few ordinary people are worried about it” wrote Paul Mason, an expert on social justice, in the Guardian. 1,154 more words


Questions that people asked me about Turkey

Hello everyone ( 0.97 person per day to be precise ),

I have been in Trieste for over 8 months. I want to share the questions that people asked me so far. 466 more words


Coups, Mobs, and Charisma: a Pattern in the Turkish Political Culture


A year ago, Turkey was rocked by a coup attempt that, on the surface, appeared to be reminiscent of past coups in modern Turkish history but ultimately allowed President Erdogan to justify an unprecedented centralization of executive power. 735 more words


Turkey's Erdogan Says "We have signed with Russia. God willing, we will see S-400s in our country." -- Could Trouble NATO....


© AFP/File | Turkish President hit back at any suggestion that Ankara should not be buying Russia’s S-400 air-defence missile system

ANKARA (AFP) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday announced progress in talks to get Russia to supply its latest S-400 air-defence system to Ankara.”We have signed with Russia. 213 more words

Defining human rights as his enemy, Erdoğan is now at a point of no return

Perhaps it is my fault.

I can no longer understand the naivete – some would call it wishful thinking – of the people I know, that no matter how badly the current ruling factions of Turkey under the banner of Erdoğanism hit at those who disagree, we should have a reasonable discussion with the oppressor. 1,324 more words