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The incredible combinatorial complexity of cellular biochemistry

K8, K14, K20, T92, P125, S129, S137, Y176, T195, K276, T305, T308, T312, P313, T315, T326, S378, T450, S473, S477, S479. No, this is not some game of cosmic bingo. 363 more words

Molecular Biology

Juvenile Batten disease, a problem with cellular waste management

Like a large dynamic city, a cell carries out many activities that generate waste. Waste needs to be disposed of properly in order for the city to continue its activities without interruption. 944 more words



Wie hat sie das gemacht? Geschluckt. Gewürgt.
Muskulöses Gefühl
Zarte Handoberflächen, voller Reibung
Steine stürmen den Berg entlang

Da laufen vier Füße auf cremigem Strand… 42 more words