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Akt pathway can be activated through the competitive binding of FGFR2 to Plcy1 and Grb2 and if Plcy1 prevails, Akt is activated and an imbalance of the two can lead to cell proliferation and cancer formation

University of Leeds says that cancer can be caused solely by protein imbalances within cells, a study of ovarian cancer has found. The discovery is a major breakthrough because, until now, genetic aberrations have been seen as the main cause of almost all cancer.  427 more words


Figure Sketches

more figure sketches from photo reference, pencil on paper


Inhibitor molecule prevents K. pneumonia superbug from blocking body's natural defences

Queen’s University Belfast says that researchers have developed a cutting-edge new medical therapy that could protect hospital patients against a lethal superbug. The new treatment, which uses a molecule called an inhibitor to prevent the hospital superbug… 136 more words


Figure Drawings

Here are some pencil figure sketches I did last week using photo reference