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Russia's Five Most Lethal Submarines as Seen by US Magazine


Having recently published lists of Russia’s deadly naval ships and dangerous military aircraft, the National Interest is back with a new best of compilation.

Having recently published lists of Russia’s deadly naval ships and dangerous military aircraft, the National Interest is back with a new best of compilation. 852 more words

Najveca podmornica

Projekat 941, poznat i pod nazivom Akula, klase je podmornica je koju je Svojetska mornarica stavila u službu 1980. godine. Riječ je o podmornicama s nuklearnim pogonom opremljenim interkontinentalnim balističkim projektilima tipa RSM-52/3M20. 157 more words


Los Angeles class:The benchmark SSN

Intro-USN was facing a dilemma, its carriers were being shadowed by November class SSNs which could keep up with them at speeds over 30knots. This was highlighted by an incident in 1968 during which a November shadowed USS Enterprise even though the carrier was sailing at its top speed, proving that the west had underestimated the speed of this SSN. 1,371 more words


Top 5 SSNs

Intro- The oceans have been secretly patrolled by the SSNs for decades now. They are tough to detect, packed with weapons capable of sinking ships and submarines more than 60km away using torpedoes or 300-500km using anti ship missiles. 1,443 more words


India to lease second Russian nuclear submarine — media

India is also going to manufacture three nuclear submarines itself

Russia’s Project-971 submarine


12 photo

© ITAR-TASS/Ruslan Shamukov

Russian submarines in ITAR-TASS photos

NEW DELHI, December 17. 98 more words

Sorry, Not a Victor

What great fun when the general press covers Russian military issues!  Business Insider ran this pictorial presuming to show an outdated Victor-class SSN headed for scrap. 43 more words

Defense Industry

Pacific Fleet Akulas Bound for Severodvinsk

On 9 September, ITAR-TASS reported two Pacific Fleet Akula-class submarines had begun a three-week Northern Sea Route (NSR) transit to Severodvinsk for a “deep modernization” at Zvezdochka.   236 more words

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