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Ακούγοντας δίσκους τον Ιανουάριο και τον Φεβρουάριο

Με “αυτά και με εκείνα”, φτάσαμε στον 3ο μήνα του έτους. Τους προηγούμενους δύο, όπως και πέρυσι, δεν είχα την δυνατότητα να ακούσω αρκετούς δίσκους ώστε να βγει ένα κανονικό post. 154 more words


PSYCHOROCK: The Mixtape with the Best Psychedelic Rock of the year! Volume 1: January 2018

The new year has just started and we have already collected enough material and inspiration to prepare the first mixtape of 2018! The reality is that in these first ten days of the year there have been a few very good release for psychedelic rock and it was relatively easy to assemble an exciting collection with the best songs from these new albums. 461 more words


Akula – Akula

Band: Akula

Album:  Akula

Year: 2018

Genre: Post-Metal / Progressive Metal

Origin: USA


India’s First Nuclear Sub in Repairs After Mishap

India’s first locally-built nuclear-powered underwater vessel, the ballistic missile submarine INS Arihant, hasn’t been at sea for months because it’s under repair after an accident, according to a… 326 more words

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Five Reasons that would make TVS Apache RR310 the most popular bike in its segment

No one would anticipate a “shark” coming towards them unless it’s “Akula”. After earning millions of hearts in Auto expo 2016, moto enthusiasts kept their finger crossed to see the bike on road. 826 more words


Spyshots TVS Akula 310, Jelas Sudah

Spyshots terbari TVS Akula 310 sudah gamblang terlihat di India sana, tertangkap kamera saat isi bensin di salah satu SPBU. TVS Apache RR 310 (Akula) akan dilaunching di India bulan depan. 111 more words


TVS Apache RTR 310 (Akula) Terpantau lagi melakukan Dyno, Galak habis lek!!

Mantap habis Sob, TVS Apache RTR 310 atau yang biasa sering didengar dengan nama TVS Akula, terpantau sedang melakukan dyno di India! Kabarnya sih motor ini akan dirilis di pasaran secara resmi pada kuartal ke 2 tahun 2017 ini sob.. 307 more words