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Mr. Proper

Oh boy, this next guy though! So at this rate in life, in my mid-twenties, I had a rep of picking the wrong men. Like, the bad boys! 667 more words


Mama said.

I probably end up using some lyrics as a header as who does not love a good tune?! The lyrics from Mama said is quite fitting for the next date I went on. 622 more words

Eye eye stand!

First of all id like to say I don’t intend to insult anyone with my comments! It was just a distinct feature of my first one night stand or as I like to call them test ride! 718 more words

Single, shocked and a smooch!

Its quite a shock to your system finding yourself single again after 5+ year relationship! All of a sudden you can look and act upon your attractions. 362 more words

Let the dating begin..

Once upon a time a mid-twenty year old found herself single again after a long-term committed relationship.

Her dating times lay way behind her (prehistoric)! And times are different now, before you could pick someone up when you needed just a lighter! 48 more words

My 5km In 5 Weeks


I have my best, and my worst ideas at 2am. The night I finished my work experience at the zoo, I decided to do a 5km run that they were doing at the end of May. 365 more words


Why Luna is the best Harry Potter character

Hello, squad! Today I will be proving that Luna Lovegood is the best Harry Potter character. Pull out your butterbeer, sit back, and relax!

1. She was always incredibly kind – even when other’s weren’t… 401 more words