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The rituals of getting ready for that first date.

Yesterdays post had me thinking about how us girls all have their own rituals of getting ready for a first date.

I started thinking about 193 more words


First date nerves for nothing.

It have been a few busy days, there for no update on my date from last week.

Here I was all Wednesday evening and Thursday morning nervous as anything, the typical, what to wear, how to do my hair 273 more words


Are these conversations even appropriate?

I found myself talking to some friends recently, baring in mind most of them are in happy relationships or married, but there is still a few single ladies in my circle that experience the same conversations as me… 129 more words


A Hilarious Little Story From A Friend

So I had one of my great friends approach me after she had been reading my posts and laughing hard about them, she decided to share me a small little story of her own. 254 more words


Adam and the akward bill moment

So yesterday we left of with Adam running to the toilet as he had asked for the bill…

Now I am a very independent girl and don’t mind sharing bills… but erm wasn’t this a date? 411 more words


Things I Wish I'd Known Before Playing Polo


Recently I turned 17. Most people when they turn 17 have driving lessons over the summer/ time after they have their birthday. Not me. 306 more words


A little start

So as an almost 30-year-old I have come to discover that in this millennial age dating seems to get harder and harder, with all these dating apps, there is plenty to choose from, but jeez the types that have and are crossing my path are worth sharing with the world. 14 more words