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Mang Oded Pimpin Aksi Ribuan Massa Kecam Penutupan Masjid Al Aqsha

BANDUNG, FOKUSJabar.com : Ribuan massa yang mengatasnamakan diri Aliansi Masyarakat Selamatkan Al-Aqsa (AMSA) menggelar aksi long march, Jumat (21/7/2017). Aksi long march yang dimulai dari Masjid Pusdai Jabar, Jalan Diponegoro Kota Bandung hingga Masjid Ukhuwahm Jalan Wastukancana Kota Bandung…

Israel weighs removal of metal detectors as tension in Jerusalem rises



Israeli police officers detain a Palestinian man outside the Lion’s Gate, following an appeal from clerics to pray in the streets instead of the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, in Jerusalem’s Old City, Wednesday, July 19, 2017. 291 more words


It is the occupation!

Jul 19,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Hasan Abu Nimah

Last Friday, there was an attack in Jerusalem. Three Israeli Palestinian young men opened fire on Israeli forces near Bab Al Asbat, the gate in the Jerusalem Old City wall that leads to Al Haram Al Sharif. 1,066 more words

Arab World

“. . . towards what remained of the heart . . .” (Majid Abu Ghoush)

❶ Worshippers clash with Israeli police outside Al-Aqsa Mosque following noon prayer
. . . . . ❶ ― (ᴀ) Military wings in Gaza warn Israel Al-Aqsa policies will ‘explode in the region’ 1,337 more words


The hate preachers of Al Aqsa

In a commentary on the tense aftermath of the recent terror attack committed by three Arab Israeli Muslims coming from what is supposedly Islam’s “third holiest” site, David Horovitz rightly notes that the current status quo on the Temple Mount is in many ways “outrageous.” Towards the end of his column, Horovitz wonders if it was perhaps “a historic mistake” that shortly after Israel took over the Temple Mount in 1967, it returned control of the site to the Muslim authorities of the Waqf. 2,068 more words


Attaque d’al-Aqsa : les Palestiniens quasiment abandonnés

18/7/2017 Middle East Eye FR

La défense de la mosquée al-Aqsa, chérie par 1,6 milliard de musulmans de par le monde, a été laissée aux 300 000 Palestiniens de Jérusalem, qui font face à un occupant particulièrement brutal et impitoyable… 1,834 more words


Ending apartheid in Israel

There is a dirty little secret the pro-Israel lobby doesn’t want you to know. It’s not really a secret, it’s out there for anyone to see but they distract from the issue, hoping to “maintain the peace.” Of course, this doesn’t work. 1,401 more words