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Israel deliberately keeping Dome of the Rock mosque in darkness, won't allow outage fixed




Dome of the Rock Mosque within the Al-Aqsa compound in Al-Quds (AA Photo)

The Israeli authorities are deliberately keeping Jerusalem’s iconic Dome of the Rock Mosque in darkness, the Jordan-run Authority for Islamic Endowments (Awqaf) said in a Monday statement. 136 more words


Day 7- SIKAP

Minggu, 17 Desember 2017

Kami Bersama Palestina

2008 Dia kehilangan kakinya karena serangan udara zionis. 2017 Tentara Zionis menembak mati seorang penyandang difabel saat aksi protes pengakuan sepihak Yerussalem sebagai ibu kota Penjajah di Jalur Gaza. 21 more words


Say Hello To Jerusalem With Maha

In this clip, we take a tour of Jerusalem with the renowned Italian-Palestinian cook and celebrity, Maha.

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Jerusalem and the Fulfillment of Prophecy

In a narration recorded by al Musharrah ibn al Murajja al Maqdisi in his work, Fada’il Bayt al Maqdis, we read a prophecy about ‘Umar’s (may Allah be pleased with him) peaceful conquest of Jerusalem. 80 more words


Shut the Door: How World Should Respond to Trump's Jerusalem Policy

In a speech that was long on hyper-inflated rhetoric and short on policy prescriptions, US President Donald Trump outlined his national security vision earlier this week. 1,345 more words


Jerusalem can still be the city of peace

Dec 16,2017 -JORDAN TIMES – Adnan Abu-Odeh

Editor’s note:

The following article was written by Adnan Abu-Odeh in 1991 and published by Foreign Affairs in its issue of Spring 1992 under the headline “Two capitals in an undivided Jerusalem”. 2,041 more words


It's Personal: How Trump Betrayed Both Abbas and Abdullah of Jordan

On 21 August 1969, an Australian citizen called Denis Rohan set fire to an 800-year-old wooden pulpit, a gift to al-Aqsa mosque from the Islamic hero Saladin (1137-1193), who led the military campaign against the Crusaders. 1,841 more words