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Arresting Gandhi - “Violent Clashes” and the Arrest of Abdullah Abu Rahma

He’s a Palestinian man, and he has one of those very Muslim-sounding names with “Abu” in it (it means “father of”). Any time his name is mentioned in the media it tends to be quickly lined up with phrases like “violent clashes.” If the article is more than one paragraph long then somehow or other the topic of suicide bombing will make its way into the discussion. 1,908 more words

Israeli Terrorism

Gaza assault rages on as Israel prepares truce

Israeli tank shells killed six Palestinians at a United Nations-run school in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday, Palestinian medical workers said, as Israel was poised to call a unilateral ceasefire to its 22-day-old assault that has left more than 1, 300 people dead. 145 more words


U. S. Run Arabic TV Network Flop

$350,000,000 Boondoogle- Do You Know About Smith-Mundt Act?

Al-Hurra — “The Free One” in Arabic — is the centerpiece of a U.S. government media campaign to spread democracy in 22 countries in the Middle East. 472 more words


The Movie CONTACT Set the Scene - Now What

Hello ET we are listening

Astronomical observatories are teaming up for an unprecedented quest to find out whether there is life in outer space.

The project, led by Japanese astronomers, will bring together a dozen or more observatories from all over the country to study one star that researchers see as a potential home to an extraterrestrial civilization. 67 more words