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Putin's real agenda in Syria

Cyrille BRET – 4th October 2015

In Syria, President Putin is neither an anti-ISIS crusader nor the protector of Europe against mass migrations and terrorism. Despite all his prophetic speeches on Christian values au Western civilisation, he’s a hardcore Realpolitiker with a matter-of-fact defensive agenda: protecting the Tartus naval facility, preserving an important customer and benefiting from the Iranian come back. 1,014 more words

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My two cents: checkmate in Syria for the American Hegemon

Amidst all the events and non-events, seen and unseen, of September 2015, the most significant turned out to be the unforeseen Russian military intervention against the Islamic State in Syria on the last day of the month. 711 more words

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Russia Turns Up The Heat In Syria

The Russians have set up a base in Syria; they’re bombing Free Syrian Army (FSA) posts under the guise of going after ISIS; and Iran is sending in troops to fight alongside Al Assad’s government troops…and the US response is “We’re concerned”. 544 more words

How Did UK-US Intelligence Get It Wrong About Syrian Rebellion


5 October 2015


This week an inquiry begins inside the British Parliament to establish the government’s policy and Syria.  Given the events of the past seven days it is quite possible that no one knows the answer – including Prime Minister Cameron. 697 more words

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Russia Works as Disciplinary Agent for Assad

I see Russia going into Syria as the disciplinary agent.  They get the attention of the rebels that are fighting and opposing al-Assad and discipline them with airstrikes.  336 more words


The Russians are coming, 2015: neo-conservative propaganda in the West

With the recent Russian approval of military action to support its Syrian allies, propaganda in Western media ramps up to fever pitch with headlines like: … 844 more words


Poutine : retour gagnant à l'ONU (F. PARMENTIER sur RFI)

Florent PARMENTIER – 28 septembre 2015

Très attendu, le président russe Vladimir Poutine s’est exprimé à l’Assemblée Générale de l’ONU le 28 septembre 2015. Afin de décrypter ce discours, Nathalie Amar reçoit Florent Parmentier.  9 more words