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$100 Billion Terror Fund

As a candidate for president in 2004, John Kerry couldn’t bring himself to worry overmuch about Islamic terrorism. Today, as a secretary of state trying to sell a nuclear accord that would lift economic sanctions from the world’s leading state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, he still can’t. 706 more words


Archaeologists protest Al-Assad's beheading

Archaeologists working at the Antioch of Pisidia ruins have staged a sit in to protest the beheading of Khaled Al-Assad, the 82 year old archaeologist beheaded recently by IS for refusing to reveal the location of hidden artefacts from the site of Palmyra.  36 more words


The Syrian Conundrum and Assads

Syria harbored the oldest urbanized communities known in history and Syrians for thousands of years have been sophisticated cosmopolitan traders. Even during the dark ages of the Ottoman empire-  which  sealed off the Middle-East and stripped its historical advantage of being  an intermediary between the orient and Europe- the Levantines maintained some limited access to the flourishing western civilisation through Christian missionaries. 1,770 more words


The Only Solution for Syria is Al-Assad

As you may be aware, there is currently a civil war going on in Syria. To say it has been devastating would be an understatement. Hundreds of thousands have perished, millions have been driven from their homes, and what began as an uprising against a dictatorship has splintered into a multifactional war with rebel groups fighting both the government and one another. 893 more words

Syria's Assad looks set to stay - Reuters

BY TOM PERRY AND LAILA BASSAM – BEIRUT Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:59am EDT –Original Article here

As the United States and Iran negotiate the final stages of a nuclear deal, they are still oceans apart on another area of conflict: the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 1,180 more words



With Islamic State militants absolutely out of control in Syria and Iraq, Western leaders may be starting to realize that the only way to defeat the jihadists is to work with the government of Bashar al-Assad. 136 more words


Gun in hand - less motivated to negotiate

Syrian Rebels in Aleppo Reject UN Peace Effort

Perhaps understandable but tragic. When all this began in Syria some of us – a clear minority and without any media interest – suggested an arms embargo on all sides and involvement of the UN. 122 more words