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The Funny Thing About War by Al Campo

Al Campo is a Vietnam veteran who served aboard the USS Lawrence from 1972-74 as a boatswains mate and operations specialist. The Funny Thing About War… 552 more words


Top 5 Baby-Friendly Cafes in Brighton & Hove

Back in October we published a review of the 5 best places to have a quiet cup of tea (okay, quiet may be a stretch!) with little ones in tow in Brighton & Hove. 546 more words


Al Campo - Ernesto Bazan

As you may know I’ve been talking quite a lot about Cuba after spending 6 weeks there earlier this year shooting the Santeria story and Havana travel guide. 175 more words


Keyboards and Pork Sausage.

You would not think that these two things could possibly be linked, but in my wonderful little life, they most certainly are.

So I had the great idea to clean my keyboard, I have done it many times before, but not for years, and not here in Spain to be honest. 539 more words


An Alternative Tour of Tenerife

There was a Martin Scorsese film in the mid 80s where a computer programmer picks up a girl and subsequently experiences quite the maddest and most bizarre New York night. 957 more words


Shopping in Tenerife, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It felt like that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark; I stared bewilderedly at a wall of identical looking objects, unable to tell which held the treasure I wanted. 461 more words


Holidays on Tenerife – NoroVirus, Spanish Sport Commentary and Finding the Real Tenerife in Las Américas

I’ve gone right into Victor Meldrew overdrive in the last few days. Exclamations of ‘Oh for God’s sake’ have been coming thick and fast…except that’s the censored version. 831 more words