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DIY Bistro Table

I’ve always wanted to be able to sit outside my place at a little table and eat dinner al fresco or soak up the So Cal rays while drinking coffee.  465 more words

The May Menu | Flat Bean Risotto

Growing up we had a jungle of bean stalks in our garden. Admits the odd tale of magical beans and giant sized adventures, dashing out before dinner to pick a bundle for my mum was a sweet pastime. 280 more words


A Greek mezze platter

I love mezze. There’s nothing better for an impromptu al fresco dinner on a spring day when the weather turns out to be fine well into the evening. 293 more words


An Al Fresco Pick: Mixto

With the weather getting more pleasant, and the days getting longer, you are likely on the lookout for some great places in our city to dine… 252 more words

Al Fresco

Restaurant Review: Cilicia Cafe & Restaurant

So…two blog posts so far this month and both about food….well, I may as well turn this blog into a food one as that seems the only thing happening in  my life. 351 more words


Auberge de Crissay - village wine and salad bar with a charming countryside view

Salads, cheeses and terroirs, coupled with a charming view of the Chinon countryside.

Quelques mots

Located in a small but charming village called Crissay-sur-Manse, 20 mins away from Chinon, this wine and salad bar offers good servings of salads with local terroirs and cheeses, and a lovely view of the countryside.

248 more words