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Ho ho ho!

Well actually mes amis, it is not Christmas and Santa is not on his way to drop presents down your chimney. Although one does understand that in Northern parts of the United States it has been Xmas for an extended period judging by the snow they have had. 89 more words


I'm Outdoorsy... Meaning that I Like to Drink on Patios

It’s patio season!!!

I am a huge fan of life al fresco. This year we will be whipping our backyard into shape. Here are some inspiration spaces to wet your whistle. 42 more words

Day Three Hundred and Forty-Nine: Picnic Table

Might we, one day, see a stone fox and his friends come to life, mid-toast, at your seated place? Not out of place in Narnia, though of course no-one there seems in need of back support, eyeing you with the dread of later pain as I do in this, more fallen world. 112 more words


Day Three Hundred and Forty-One: Patio

Skating rink for snails, roofless room readied for repasts, plastic furniture awaiting summer squash in beakers and the placing of paper plates loaded with cheese rolls and crisps that drift off in the wind, a surprise snack for a sparrow. 74 more words


Trompe l'oeil

A renaissance castle is not what I expected in Tirol.

Schloss Ambras Innsbruck has grisaille painting al fresco (grey painting on still-wet plaster) all along the courtyard. 13 more words


Mood Lighting

Lighting can be an important part of any party, enhancing the mood for the event.

Candles and lights can be added in various ways to complete your gathering. 269 more words

Always Entertaining