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Gunbad-i Haruniyya: before and after Byron's visit

It alone survives of the splendours of Tus

The ancient city of Tus has a long and important history. Long before Robert Byron recorded his visit in his travelogue, on the… 468 more words


Kitab Al-Munkid mina-Dhalal; Karangan Imam al-Ghazali

Buku Al-Munkid mina-Dhalal ini ditulis ulang oleh Dr. Jamily Shaliban dan Dr. Kamil Iyar.

Makna dari Al-Munkid mina-Dhalal berasal dari Bahasa Arab yang artinya. Al-Munkid… 48 more words


Dasar Landasan Maslahat
Oleh; A. Muslimin

Mayoritas ulama sepakat bahwa keseluruhan hukum Allah mengandung maslahat bagi manusia di dunia dan akhirat. Sebagaimana mereka sepakat bahwa… 1,874 more words


Dituding Mabuk-Mabukan, Menurut Dhani Ini Yang Diminum Al Ghazali

Sebelumnya sempat heboh video di Instagram yang memperlihatkan anak Ahmad Dhani dan Maia Estianty, Al Ghazali yang lagi minum-minum bersama dua perempuan, salah satunya sang kekasih. 370 more words

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Book Publisher : The Islamic Texts Society (ITS) - Part 1

The Islamic Texts Society is a peer reviewed publishing house founded in 1981 and registered as an educational charity in the UK . The Society produces English translations of works of traditional importance to the Islamic faith and culture, including editions of hitherto unpublished manuscripts, and also sponsors contemporary works on Islamic subjects by scholars from all parts of the world. 6,380 more words


O Argumento Cosmológico Kalam

O Argumento Cosmológico Kalam é um raciocínio filosófico formulado pelo muçulmano Al-Ghazali e aprimorado pelo filósofo William Lane Craig. O argumento visa provar a existência de Deus a partir das premissas: 2,388 more words

Filosofia Cristã

Al Ghazali I. - The Lost Faculty

I didn’t expect to be making my foray into a work of Al Ghazali’s so soon, or that it would be the subject of a series of posts, but when I began to read it I realized, as one always realizes, that Al Ghazali has accomplished the bulk of the work already and for those like myself there is only to nurture the fervent hope that we have the ability to place a few helpful footnotes that bring his work into an interaction with the problems of today. 1,853 more words