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Tingkatan Maslahat Menurut Imam Al-Ghazali

Oleh : A. Muslimin

Pembagian maslahat selain yang disebutkan oleh al-Syatibi, para ulama ushul fiqh, terutama imam al-Ghazali membagi maslahat menjadi tiga; yaitu maslahat mu’tabarah, maslahat mulghah… 1,865 more words


If you're Muslim, Why are you White?!

By Rafael Bruzzese

It’s always an interesting moment watching the expressions of people when it’s revealed to them that I’m a Muslim. I manifest no distinguishable or recognisable symptoms of Muslimness, no Arabic name, no flowing gowns or headwear, my beard refuses to grow more than a couple of centimetres. 1,312 more words

The Great Barrier Reef, Swamp Hobos, and Jaeger Shots

A few months ago, while we all reeled in the somehow shocking revelation that Donald Trump is a sexist pig, (mere weeks from the shocking revelation that 30-some-odd-percent of American voters didn’t mind that) the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure visible from space, responsible for supporting a massive ecosystem stretching from the depths of the ocean to surrounding landmasses… the Great Barrier Reef, which is the size of Germany, which managed to endure for over 25 million years, and which has been a source of food and even shelter to stone age humans when parts of it were exposed above sea level during ice ages….. 1,506 more words

Rainy Day Thoughts

Immanuel Kant III. - Forced March

The second important concern of our transcendental aesthetic is that it not merely earn some favor as a plausible hypothesis, but that it be as certain and indubitable as can ever be demanded of a theory that is to serve as an organon.

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Al-Ghazali and the search for knowledge in the modern world


AFP Photo.

Al-Ghazali, who lived in the intellectual and spiritual world of the Quran and the Sunnah and enriched it with his own enduring contributions, was a devoted soul and body for attaining true knowledge, wisdom and virtue…

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The Muslim Times

Tentang Cinta (Al Ghazali)

Seseorang mencintai kekasihnya, suaminya, anaknya, ibunya, atau teman-temannya, juga mencintai yang tak pernah ia lihat seperti nabinya, para sahabat nabi, para ulama yang telah tiada sebelum dia dilahirkan, dan mencintai Allah yang menciptakannya. 695 more words