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Seems The Science Isn't In...Nor Is The Debate Over...Period?

Seven years ago, convicted eco-terrorist and former vice president Al Gore predicted that in five years, all of the ice at the artic ice cap (that would be the north pole), would be melted, the seas would rise, New York would be flooded as would every major city that was on a coast. 570 more words


Global Warming

Global Warming

by jitskesez

I do believe I have covered this topic somewhat, on the side, in “Jitske Saves the Planet” – but I decided to write a separate blog just on this issue. 1,177 more words

More Nails in the Global Warming Coffin

Laying inside a casket made from its own deceptions, Global Warming’s fate is being slowly sealed. Nailed shut as time and new discoveries reveal the extent of its folly.The once bold statements of so called experts are rarely replayed these days and for good reason. 663 more words



Is victory to force others to not work?

To keep businesses from selling products to others whom need, want and desire them. Creating TRUE wealth…not Government hopelessness.. 137 more words

Barack Hussein Obama

Missing: Al Gore

Al Gore has made himself scarce this winter.

But never fear. Public education is still pushing Gore’s snake oil in “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Our children are being indoctrinated in the greatest pack of lies since Lenin. 31 more words

Al Gore Lies

As Gov't Grabs Your Thermostat, Al Gore Grabs The Cash (Again)

Gore gives every penny of profit to charity, or so he states.

He insists, he is proud of it. He puts his money where his mouth is, but there is no gain in it for him, because he gives all profits to charity. 390 more words

Al Gore Lies

Wrong is Evil


See the trailer here.

[…] examines the history of environmentalism, rooted in Rachel Carson’s famed 1962 book, Silent Spring, which led to a ban on DDT.

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Al Gore Lies