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Smorgasbord Health: Scarlet Fever Cases Rocket.

Scarlet Fever was in the news at the end of March and there is a worrying upward trend in cases. There have been a number of articles in the last few weeks so I will give you the summaries and the … 13 more words


Evaluating James Hansen's 1988 Climate Forecasts

Author and scientist Tony Heller reveals how Al Gore’s friend and the father of climate alarmism, James Hansen, was wrong about his studies on climate science. 28 more words


'Their Fantasies Are Wackier than Mine' (2011)

I wrote this in 2011; and the saddest thing about it, seven years later, is that none of these wacko leftid fantasies has died out. These are follies that endure like granite. 18 more words


Whether it's Spring, it's sweater weather

So here in NYC today we are celebrating Jan. 108, 2018.

The weather here is anything but Spring. I believe we will probably have a frost on the lawn to celebrate Earth Day this weekend. 213 more words

Wall Street

R U all


Simple question, simple answer       

Apply as required to any other vociferous idiot—


—other than moi, that is. (I’m a sensitive wee soul …) 181 more words


I'm political traitor...and a hippie!

Sometimes it’s more than just L.L.P.

It’s also about an E.

So, it’s been a mad long time since I’ve posted, and that’s lame. My consistency game is pretty weak. 1,289 more words


‘Fat healthy polar bears’ prompts Gore to abandon use as a ‘global warming’ icon – New Book Excerpt —

The New York Times is circling the wagons for the global warming establishment to smear and dismiss skeptical scientists and research showing that polar bears are not threatened by “global warming.” See: NYT: “Climate Change Denialists Say Polar Bears Are Fine.

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