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Mother! Environmentalism and the Anti-Human Agenda

Darren Aaronofski’s 2017 movie Mother! is replete with symbolism, religious allegory and baby killing. But, as the narrator points out, at it’s heart, the film carries… 12 more words


Audacious Liberals Have Launched A Movement To Ban Ice Cubes

Written by Gilbert Miser

In what might be the most non-sequitur political argument ever crafted, the Democrat party has decided to launch a movement titled, “Abolish ICE” or in… 892 more words

Prince et la liberté d'expression sexuelle

Il y a quelques jours nous célébrions les soixante ans de Prince qui a perdu la vie il y a maintenant plus de deux ans. Cet artiste a apporté énormément au monde musical et l’a révolutionné. 407 more words


Al Gore's Cowboy Boots (part 2)

Picture Al Gore’s cowboy boots wading
through the streetwater of Miami

Marching toward you, actually
with a sense of urgency

Getting closer and closer
until they fill the screen… 37 more words


Al Gore Rises From The Dead, Still Blames Bill Clinton — And Hillary — For His Loss In 2000 — Daily Wire

Two-time loser Hillary Clinton won’t go away, Bill Clinton is back with a vengeance (and not in a good way), and now we have to endure Al Gore, too!?

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Sustainability is the new game changer in business

Financial Times has published an interview with Al Gore, stating that “sustainability is history’s biggest investment opportunity”. That’s quite a bold but much needed statement, compared to traditional investment. 330 more words