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Don't Worry About The National Debt, Radical Islam or Aggressive Nations, The Biggest Danger Is Global Warming

President Obama goes to Alaska to put before the members of the Arctic Council, a pact that commits the member nations to fight global warming to save the Arctic. 655 more words


The Maverick Returns (July 28, 2011)

Had I been a Republican during the 2000 Presidential primaries, there is no doubt I would have voted McCain instead of Bush. At the time, the man came off as relatively uncompromised. 579 more words

Contemplating My Navel (Personal Blog)

Is Hillary a Historically Bad Candidate? (Part Five)

September 1, 2015

I swear, this series will end one day, maybe even before the voters start caucusing in Iowa.  Maybe.  For now, it’s time to look at the mediocre at best nominees.   4,801 more words

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