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Left Liberal Progressive Democrats Change Meanings of Words When Those Words Conflict with their Ideology

Everyone knows what Pizza is without having to define it.  It is the same with a tornado and a hurricane.  Everyone knows what a tornado and hurricane is without having to use a meteorological definition.  1,287 more words

The Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

For the past week I’ve been recovering from watching the last Presidential debate. The tenor of the entire presidential campaign has me worried about the great divisions in this country and how it’ll affect the health of the democratic republic. 616 more words

Supreme Court and electoral politics

No man worthy of the office of President should be willing to hold it if counted in or placed there by fraud. Either party can afford to be disappointed by the result. 1,040 more words

Law And Society

When the Clintons Came to Town

Gene Branstool lives in a farmhouse alongside Highway 62, just down the road from a stand selling apples and peaches that bears his family name. The house overlooks rolling farmland, and on the day we talk, the last green leaves are outflanked by the garish red, yellow, and orange of an Ohio fall. 386 more words

Watch the full Al Smith Dinner speeches by Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were under the same roof again, less than a day after the heated final presidential debate on Wednesday. 966 more words


Donald Trump Is Not Following Al Gore's Lead By Doubting Election Results

Conservative pundits are scrambling to rescue Donald Trump from his conspiracy-minded statement in the third and final presidential debate that he will keep the country in “suspense” 713 more words

If you think voter fraud is a myth I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale

A few years ago I went to the polling place to cast my vote for anyone not name Obama.  I went to the desk, signed my ticket and went on line to wait my turn. 435 more words