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Shawn Macomb: Sandernistas on the March

Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

Shawn Macomb writes: So now that the Democratic party is well and truly feeling the Bern, how should those of us who identify not as democratic socialists nor oligarchs nor oligarch-enablers feel about those lighter-shade-of-Mao “Bernie 2016″ yard signs reddening up the landscape? 781 more words


2016-02-04 (Thursday)

Today, I learned that:

Old sayings are not always true. It may still be so that in the dark all cats still seem to be grey, but do you know why the American political parties are assigned with the colours red for the republican party and blue for the democratic party? 325 more words


Noah Rothman: Seeds of Discontent?

Noah Rothman writes: Anyone who believes the 15-year-old wounds resulting from the Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore must have healed by now should ask a… 141 more words


The Race Begins And They are Neck In Neck...

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The final count was 49.6 Bernie Hillary 49.8

now that is slicing it pretty thin…..

RECOUNT -Learn the lesson of Bush and Gore!!!! 110 more words


Despite Stunning Moral Victory, Sanders Should Seek Iowa Recount

In a great moral victory Bernie Sanders fought the entire Democratic establishment to a virtual tie in the Iowa caucus, and is poised to win the New Hampshire primary next week, and will take his battle for a progressive populist reformation for America to all 50 states. 887 more words

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Help me save these polar bears' home

Help me save these polar bears’ home.

It is not just their homes that I spend sleepless nights thinking about. Global warming will affect many people. 375 more words

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Vote for Bernie (& Hillary, Too!)

Tonight, Americans will begin the process of choosing their next President when voters across the state of Iowa gather to participate in a strange democratic ritual known as the Iowa Caucuses. 754 more words