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True Music Hero

So many times we hear the word hero thrown around in music such as calling Slash or Tom Morello a “guitar hero” or songs like Hero by Skillet, but what if I told you that the way we know music today could have been completely different? 531 more words


Clinton campaign pledges to further enrich Al Gore with blood money

Well, well, well! I suppose that at some point the Bill and Hillary Clinton were going to take care of their buddy, Al Gore at some point. 478 more words


Pathways to Peace with the Blue Marble

This has been a busy summer with two wonderful trips backpacking in the Grand Canyon with some friends and hiking in the Swiss Alps with the Sierra Club. 1,520 more words

Al Gore

The Gore effect continues...down under

Al does it again – visits Melbourne during coldest July in 19 years

Hamish Grant writes:

As a staff member at the august academic institute of higher learning that employs some of the greatest alarmists in the business (but I am still proud to say that I work there), Melbourne University has… 59 more words

Climate News

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Thank you WUWT, for this timely reminder about global temperature reality. It would be interesting to know just what updating he sees appropriate for his misleading film. It certainly needs it in order to correct its fallacies. Ref: http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/environment/gore.html A film that would be better named "A Convenient Untruth". Remember it was classified as misleading, in UK, by the education legal system.

Ocean Heat: New Study Shows Climate Scientists Can Still Torture Data until the Data Confess

A week or so ago, a troll left a link at my blog to a supposed-to-be-alarming blog post about a new climate study of ocean heat content. 1,559 more words

Ocean Heat Content Problems

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These minions of the progressive movement have forfeited any and all of degrees they were given as they have violated every principle of science. Worse the are creating propaganda just like those the did the bidding of Hitler in the 1930's. I see no difference between either group other than the language they they spoke.

The Beginning Of The End

In the birth-life-death cycle of political candidates, you can always point to one instance where the candidate died. It was something they did…something they said…something that happened that killed the candidacy. 516 more words