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The Voice of Joyce: Periscope 11 Am  THE GRASS ROOTS PAC! Just Thinking..

What concerns me?

Today I received another plea/petition to end Citizens United . I believe in that, so I signed. Then I received a donate slip, $5.00,  I could  afford the amount, so I donated, weighing whether this was a legitimate site. 229 more words

Financial Reform

Al Jazeera English: Jason Johnson on Scott Walker Presidential Announcement

Dr. Jason Johnson discusses the announcement of Scott Walker as the 15th person to seek the Republican nomination for President. Johnson covers Walker’s strengths and weaknesses as well as chances against Hillary Clinton


Should Cyprus be reunified? Why/Why Not? Go to The Stream on Al Jazeera English to have your say.

Should Cyprus be reunified?

Why/Why Not? Have your say on

The Stream on Al Jazeera English 

By Chris Elliott…….

During this past week we came across an invitation for viewers to watch and join in a debate on The Stream programme on Al Jazeera English which was entitled “ 182 more words

Northern Cyprus

‪Global Journalist: Egypt in crisis?‬

It’s been two years since the Egyptian military ousted democratically-elected President Mohammed Morsi, replacing him with Army General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi.

 Al-Sisi has promised stability but his time as president has been anything but peaceful. 115 more words

How Germany collaborated with Egypt in arresting Ahmed Mansour

The arrest in Berlin last weekend of Ahmed Mansour, famous journalist of the Qatar based Al Jazeera network, made headlines all over the world. The fact that Germany with its high reputation as a politically stable democracy acted on behalf of Egypt, a regime that is nationally and internationally accused of ignoring the rule of law, send shockwaves not only through the Arab but also the Western world. 44 more words

Dominican deportation fears keep families on edge - Al Jazeera English

While tourists spend hundreds of dollars on kite surfing, seared tuna, cocktails and other luxuries, most of the Haitians and Haitian-Dominicans around here get by on a few dollars a day doing odd jobs or menial work. 163 more words


Al Jazeera English: Jason Johnson on Charleston Church Massacre

On Al Jazeera English, Hiram College professor Jason Johnson discusses the life and legacy of Reverend and State Senator Clementa Pinckney, for whom Johnson served as campaign manager during a 1997 special election.

Jason Johnson On Television