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Torin's Passage (1995)

Designed by Al Lowe, developed and published by Sierra On-Line.

“Curse the quick thinking of the Arch Authority, snatching the child away before his doom was sealed. 709 more words


Sierra Sunday - Leisure Suit Larry 1, VGA and kicking reloaded

Imagine my surprise, a new Sierra game! My Mum had found it at the local second hand market and just saw the Sierra mountain logo. She knew i liked those games and didn’t think of reading any more about what the game was. 358 more words


Torin's life continued...

Hi Al! When is the sequel to Torin’s Passage coming out? I loved that game, and felt it should’ve been much longer!

I originally planned Torin’s Passage for 5 games, each covering a significant period in Torin’s life.

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Getting in contact with Al Lowe

After making a start on my research and planning out what kind of things I wish to write. while browsing Al Lowe’s Website I came across his page where you can get in contact with his – I decided I would try Emailing him. 271 more words

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Design Document - Design Goals

I have come across this 72 page Design document for Torin’s Passage, Again, from Al Lowe’s personal Website.

Torin’s Passage Design Document

I really like the Design goals at the top of the design sheet, you can clearly see the influences for the game as well as things they wish to include within the game (even if they never ended up in the game at all) 66 more words

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Interview With Al Lowe

I found a short section of a larger interview which related to Torin’s Passage

V: In 1995, you made somewhat of a return to the genre of children’s gaming with Torin’s Passage.

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Torn's Passage

Torin’s Passage is a game I wrote in 1994 after watching the film Mrs. Doubtfire with my daughter. I realized during that film that the audience was laughing in two different pitches: high little giggles when the kids laughed at the slapstick parts of the film, and deep knowing guffaws when the adults caught something that they knew the kids wouldn’t get.

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