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Book Review: "The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down"

This is probably the most readable and compelling book Dr. Mohler has written.  It’s been a while since I’ve given a book review.  This is partly because I haven’t been reading as much as I wish, but also I don’t like to give book reviews on books I don’t like, unless they are heretical, then I will.  497 more words

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You're Gonna Wanna Read This! 7/24/18

Kathryn Butler wrote on the need for Christian love to be upon those who are suffering from depression.  She gives a thoughtful and clear analysis about what depression is and what it does to the mind and soul of a person.  340 more words

You're Gonna Wanna Read This! 7/20/18

Did you know that during World War I, a German U-boat fired a torpedo that his American soil?  It is the only attack on U.S. soil during WWI.  209 more words

You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 6/30/18

Did you know that the War for Independence was part of a larger global war? According to a new book and this article from Smithsonian Magazine, it involved four monarchies as well as the colonies. 177 more words

You’re Gonna Wanna Read This! 6/22/18

Tim Challies gives a list of books that every Christian should read and I couldn’t agree more with this entire list. Some of the books he mentions, I thought I was the only one who recommended. 256 more words

The Wrath of God or the Wrath of The Washington Post?

If there’s one thing that strikes fear in the hearts of Southern Baptist celebrity pastors it’s how we appear in the eyes of the world. 1,298 more words