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Cayman Islands – three islands in the Caribbean Sea. Paradise. A part of UK, photo of the Queen, the Prime Minister is David Cameron, weather is not typical British! 767 more words

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Dog Day Afternoon: LGBT Characters in 1970s Film

Dog Day Afternoon was released in 1975; the real life events of the film took place in 1972. It is primarily a film about the death of the 1960s movement, with themes that touch upon the political anti-establishment, or disenfranchised Vietnam veterans. 1,376 more words

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‘Attica! Attica!’ cries Sonny Wortzik at the massed ranks of cops pointing their guns toward him, making reference to the excessive force the police used in response to the Attica Prison riot in the early 1970s. 1,926 more words


Analyzing The Devil's Advocate

(Warning: Here be Spoilers)

     The strength of The Devil’s Advocate is that you are being shown the Devil himself. But more than that, the scary thing about this movie is that we are being manipulated in the same way that Kevin Lomax is. 718 more words


A fact about the movie Heat

It is widely accepted the only way Heat could have been any better, is if Tom Hardy was in it.

Tom Hardy

Watch Al Pacino get a letter from a Beatle in this exclusive 'Danny Collins' clip

For those playing the Al Pacino edition of Movie Bingo at home, you’ve had a lot of characters to check off: the Godfather, a football coach, a bunch of cops, mobsters and lawyers, the devil, a suicide doctor, a sports gambling agent, a CIA recruiter, etc. 164 more words