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Round 1 & 2 Tacos al Pastor Challenge

Um, first off, it was a hit. Tacos al pastor made easy!  I will say, that I kinda “winged” it on this one.  In my opinion, the best place for al pastor, goes straight to Tacos El Gordo. 1,103 more words


Al Pastor Tacos

Ok, so Tacos al Pastor.  If you are unfamiliar you need to do some heavy research and find some in your area STAT.  Al pastor meat is super tender and moist pork, marinated in pineapple, chiles and spices, that is usually cooked on a “spit”.   211 more words


A Word on Tacos: al pastor and de guisado

U.S. border states are, naturally, expected to have the most authentic Mexican food, but the Tortilla Curtain stretches across the entire U.S. in some way, so it’s easy for Americans to think they know it all. 463 more words


Tacos al Pastor

We thought we knew Mexican food pretty well, growing up in Southern California and now living in Arizona about 5 miles from the border as the crow flies.   437 more words

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@KingTaco_LA #ElTaurino

 We had a feast.

Carne asada sope, chicken tostada, carne asada nachos, carne asada burrito with crema, al pastor tacos. Extra extra sauce.

Fuck you El Taurino for being so rude.


A new place for Tacos: Authentaco

One bit of Chicago lore is that on the intersection of Ashland and Division nearly every storefront in sight is a La Pasadita taqueria. It’s true, there used to be 3 Pasaditas within a 1 block radius, but a little while ago, one of them closed, and reopened later as… 317 more words


279/365 Margarita Night

A very well deserved margarita for a very exhausting week.