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Yemen. Civil War with a twist.

As the Islamic State train slows from conquering swaths of territory to kidnappings and propaganda; and Syria continues to smolder in civil war,  a new potential target for Western intervention as emerged in the form of Yemen. 572 more words


You Must Have an Enemy

Whoever you are and whatever you are you must have an enemy. If you are simply living a life sooner or later you will find an enemy or one will be thrust upon you. 240 more words

Climate Change

If I Hear The Word 'Condemn' One More Time....

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of hearing politicians world-wide ‘condemn’ acts of terrorism but doing nothing to stop them. Now after the tragic murder of the Japanese reporter  Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa by Islamic State (IS), once again they are trotting along to the nearest microphone to ‘condemn’ this latest atrocity. 757 more words


Why Would I Distrust Muslims Baroness Warsi?

Baroness Warsi, a Muslim who quit her post in David  Cameron’s government last year, has claimed that the Muslim population in Britain are not trusted by the British population. 729 more words


A Message From America

I received this today and thought it worth passing on, for despite all the Muslim terrorist actions across the world, we are still doing everything we can to appease Muslims in general.

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Charlie Hebdo - Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire?

The tragic events of last week and the mass outpouring of indignation at the attack on free speech has it seems backfired. The release of the recent edition of Charlie Hebdo, with the cover featuring once again the Prophet Mohammed, has caused a storm of protest across the Islamic world. 825 more words


Forget Africa! Paris Is More Important?

The recent events in Paris have hit the headlines world-wide and caused mass outrage, but compared to what happened in Africa during the last few days, that event is minuscule. 864 more words