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Dalal By Al-Rehab Perfume Review

Dalal is a unisex offering from Al Rehab, the meaning of the name isĀ “touch with love and kindness”. How beautiful.

The bottle is a simple but classy lemon yellowed label with emerald green and gold trims. 87 more words


Tooty Musk By Al-Rehab Perfume Review

This is the top seller for Al-Rehab, and it isn’t the favourite for no reason. Quality ingredients blended well, and sold at a low price, it is the ideal combination for perfume purchasers. 103 more words


Nebras By Al-Rehab Perfume Review

Another inexpensive fragrance from the prolific perfume producers Al-Rehab, this one is called Nebras which means ‘light’ in Arabic.

The bottle bears a pink rose fully in bloom on the label, letting us know to expect rose notes within. 105 more words


Choco Musk By Al Rehab Perfume Review

Choco Musk is one of the best sellers for Al Rehab. It is unisex, but I think it has much more obvious appeal to women. Who doesn’t love chocolate? 93 more words


Sandra By Al Rehab Perfume Review

Sandra is a floriental fragrance from Al Rehab. It is advertised as being made from exotic oils of rose and musk, and is for women. 112 more words


Of Course By Al Rehab Perfume Review

”Found it,’ the Mouse replied rather crossly: ‘of course you know what “it” means.” – Alice in wonderland.

This is a unisex perfume from Al Rehab, one of it’s many inexpensive fragrance oils. 129 more words


Secret Lady By Al Rehab Perfume Review

An intriguing name for a surprising perfume. Secret Lady comes from the very popular Al-Rehab company, which produces inexpensive fragrances in the United Arab Emirates. Don’t be fooled by the price, as the quality of their oils is always high and reliably good. 148 more words