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Interview - Jasmine

Host: Hello everyone, and Welcome back to The Charming Bachelor! I’m your host, Nora Radberry and I’m joined with our sixth contestant, Jasmine Agrabah. Welcome to the competition, Jasmine. 512 more words


Fashion Spotlight: Brain/Pinky 2016, That's So Raven, Jasmine and Rajah

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Brain/Pinky 2016, That’s So Raven, and Jasmine and Rajah, by Dralin, comicgeek82, and Obvian, are on sale today only! … 68 more words


Friday Favourite Five - Disney Love Scenes

I doubt anyone needs remind what day it is on Sunday, do they?

For me, Valentines Day is a total nothing of a day, and no, its not because I’m single. 70 more words


2016 West End Transfers, aka: Fantasy 'Featre

It’s that time of year again: transfer season.

Or at least it is in football…apparently…?

Basically, it’s not theatre or TV or even rugby. So I don’t massively care! 956 more words


Snarcasm: Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast and the Migraine

Snarcasm is rapidly becoming the let’s poke fun at terrible fan theories every week – show. And of course, I’m totally fine with that considering the wealth of terrible fan theories that are out there waiting to be snarcasmed. 1,957 more words


Never Had a Friend Like This! - Super Nintendo - Aladdin - 1993

Genre: Action Platformer

When I was younger, I certainly fell for the “game based on a movie so I’ve got to have it” ploy a few times.  889 more words

This Mind-Blowing Fan Theory Connects 'Beauty And The Beast' To 'Aladdin'

This new Disney fan theory will cause you to watch Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast “in a whole new way…”  so don’t you dare close your eyes! 196 more words