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Go see "Aladdin at the Orpheum Theater while staying in furnished apartment in San Francisco & San Jose

While staying in furnished apartment in San Francisco & San Jose, go to the Orpheum Theater to see “Aladdin”. This is one of the biggest hits on Broadway. 103 more words

Naomi Scott says everything and nothing at all in mesmerizing ballad "Say Nothing" (Song Review)

After a chance encounter two weeks ago, I’ve recently discovered the music behind British actress Naomi Scott and have been floored.

Her mesmerizing pop ballad “Say Nothing” has got me hooked. 145 more words


Aladdin magic lantern slides

It’s not quite pantomime season yet but I rediscovered these slides in my collection recently and thought you might like to see them. I don’t have the complete set which would have been eight slides but the three shown here are lovely. 357 more words

Magic Lantern Slides

Sam Mendes Drops Out of Directing Disney’s Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’!!!

While Disney has been on a roll recently when it comes to its slate of live-action adaptations of classic animated features, the studio has suffered a setback on… 324 more words


Film Review: 'Gilbert'

The voice! That high-pitched, kvetchy, caterwauling rasp — the sound of an angry Jewish uncle from 1940 shouting in your face. The sour squint of disapproval. 958 more words