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The Lost Realm - Review Roundup

The reviews are stacking up on Goodreads for The Lost Realm, the sequel to Crown of Three – my fantasy novel for middle grade readers. 319 more words


#979 - Fuddles and Puddles by Frans Vischer

Fuddles and Puddles
Series: Fuddles the Cat
Written and Illustrated by Frans Vischer
Aladdin   9/27/2016
32 pages    Ages 4—8


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Aladdin Retold: Part 3

The first day of school was going by surprisingly quickly, Al thought, as he dropped down into a seat in the cafeteria. Aaron plunked his tray down beside him, and a few others from some of the classes they were in earlier joined them, all talking about how the morning had gone. 1,155 more words


REVIEW: Aladdin [C]

Super Nintendo, 1992 by Capcom.

Debate rages on message boards across the Internet over which Aladdin videogame was better – the Super Nintendo one or the Mega Drive one. 835 more words

Art prints 

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Darth Maul's Alter Ego is Mister Hyde - #OnceUponATime

Who would have thought that the alter ego of Darth Maul is Mister Hyde?  The irony of it all is just delicious as Jafar would say.  703 more words

Once Upon A Time