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Η χρονικότητα του καπιταλισμού είναι η σημειωτόν διαχρονική κινητικότητα του κεφαλαίου η οποία παράγει βλέμμα, αναπνοή και φόβο. Αυτό είναι και το έμβιο ον που παράγει το κεφάλαιο, ο χρόνος του έγκειται στην πεπερασμένη παροντική αναπνοή που εισπνέει μέχρι θανάτου, μια ασφυκτική παροντική αναπνοή.


CINEMA THINKS - Cinema and the Philosophical Project of Alain Badiou.

“There is something interesting in cinema because we cannot reduce it to a conceptual definition.”

The above quote from renowned contemporary philosopher Alain Badiou opens up a world of theoretical enquiry into cinema as an art form and where it might be heading. 1,082 more words


Between Badiou and Spinoza: On Epistemic Conditioning and The Doctrine of Parallelism

“The true is generic, even when being is the power of singularities.”

— Alain Badiou, ‘Spinoza’s Closed Ontology’

(short essay currently in progress…)

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A World Devoid of Shadows? The Imaginary as Luminescence and Non-Antagonistic

The walls of the imaginary are reflective. They are made of mirrors that trap the ego in a spiral of aggressive and violent conflict with the image and its myriad manifestations. 1,296 more words


Alain Badiou: a Life in Writing

In his new book, Badiou writes about his love life. “I have only once in my life given up on a love. It was my first love, and then gradually I became so aware this step had been a mistake I tried to recover that initial love, late, very late – the death of the loved one was approaching – but with a unique intensity and feeling of necessity.” That abandonment and attempt at recovery marked all the philosopher’s subsequent love affairs. 82 more words

Alain Badiou on love and threats to love.

The Book by Alain Badiou called in Praise of love is one I think everyone should read, it’s short concise and explains in a non-reductive but thoughtful way what love is and why it is important, not from a Christian standpoint, but in fact from a French Atheist Marxist’s standpoint, which in fact happens to coincide with the Christian standpoint in many respects. 1,764 more words