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Becoming Other: Foucault, Deleuze, and the Political Nature of Thought   | Learning Philosophy of Change

In this paper–linked after the jump–Giorgio Bertini employs the notion of the ‘thought of the outside’ as developed by Michel Foucault, in order to defend the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze against the criticisms of ‘elitism,’ ‘aristocratism,’ and ‘political indifference’–famously leveled by Alain Badiou  and Peter Hallward… 15 more words

Philosophy As A Way Of Life

The Experience Of Difference

Provided it isn’t conceived only as an exchange of mutual favours, or isn’t calculated way in advance as a profitable investment, love really is a unique trust placed in chance. 105 more words


French Philosophy Today reviewed at NDPR

French Philosophy Today has just been reviewed over at Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. Here are some highlights:

Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s famously defined philosophical production as concept creation.

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Michel Serres

Review: 'A Philosophy of Christian Materialism'

Readers of this month’s edition of the journal Modern Theology can look at my extended review of this excellent book:

A Philosophy of Christian Materialism: Entangled Fidelities and the Public Good…

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Bruno Latour

Art, Immanence, and Critique

“The relationship of art to bourgeois society, was, at first, emancipatory for art. In the decline of religious domination, and prior to the industrial revolution and the subsequent emphasis on mass production, art enjoyed new levels of autonomy. 460 more words

Badiou, Latour and Saint Paul

At the very outset of his Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism, Badiou lays out the possibility of a philosophical reading of Paul:

Basically, I have never really connected Paul with religion.

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Bruno Latour