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Campagne de « dénigrement » contre Olivia Caramello de la communauté des théoriciens des Topoi #UnificationOfMathematics


« The main accusations against me that have been spread out through the categorical community in the past five years are the following: that I would prove “well-known/folklore” (though unpublished nor publicly communicated) results (my “duality theorem” has been taken by some experts as the ‘representative example’ of this), that I would “oversell” my research (the accusation of “absurdity” or “exaggeration” with regard to my statement that many results can be obtained by applying the theory of ‘topos-theoretic bridges’ in an essentially automatic way is an exemple) and that I would be arrogant and unrespectful towards the experts of the old generation. 1,429 more words


Badiou's 15 Theses on Contemporary Art

Fifteen theses on contemporary art

1. Art is not the sublime descent of the infinite into the finite abjection of the body and sexuality. It is the production of an infinite subjective series through the finite means of a material subtraction. 463 more words

Tout, tout de suite...

” Nous voulons tout, tout de suite” était le slogan d’un journal appelé “Tout” en 1970. C’était les années après Mai 1968.

“Tout, tout de suite” est le titre du livre de Morgan Sportes sur l’affaire “Ilan Halimi”, et du film que Richard Berry a réalisé d’après ce livre… 502 more words


Black: The brilliance of a noncolor by Alain Badiou (trans. Susan Spitzer) — Steven Felicelli

Alain Badiou’s Black: The brilliance of a noncolor is a radical departure for the impenetrable thinker of Theory of the Subject and Being and Event… 2,162 more words

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