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The Traumatic Word (1)

In the strict sense, the word is not a sign at all. For to say its is a sign is to liken it to something in the field of vision.

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Platonic Love and the Object of Desire

Platonic love is the love that does not involve sexual desires. It is a concept which is tied with the philosophy of Plato. Plato believed that our reality is a shadow of another pure reality. 333 more words


“If you limit yourself to sexual pleasure it’s narcissistic. You don’t connect..” – alain badiou

Alain Badiou

Badiou on game design, part 1A: place of the subjective

(Intro: Dialectics of Game Design)

This is a reproduction of Badiou’s theory by replacing his political terms like “proletariat/modern revisionism/imperialist-bourgeois world” with game design terms like player/avatar/gameworld: 419 more words


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The Matter At Hand, Part 2: The Mark of Faith -- Object Oriented Philosophy, the 'New' Realisms and Post-Modernism.

“What happened ??”


In the event of reading an essay generated by the PMG, we have to think from the perspective of not knowing that it is a fake, keeping in mind that this program is admittedly old and stunted in its potential, but that it would be possible to write a more complex protocol that could generate more lengthy and involved syntactical and contextual structures that would ultimately be very difficult to discern as bogus. 1,870 more words

Critical Theory