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Black: The brilliance of a noncolor by Alain Badiou (trans. Susan Spitzer) — Steven Felicelli

Alain Badiou’s Black: The brilliance of a noncolor is a radical departure for the impenetrable thinker of Theory of the Subject and Being and Event… 2,162 more words

Book Review

#HoTT : a synthetic approach to higher equalities ( Michael Shulman)

Cet article consacré au rôle de HoTT dans le fondement des mathématiques , est de nature plus philosophique que technique:


L’introduction commence avec les différences et les analogies entre ensembles ( sets) et types, qui sont les entités à la base de ZFC et HoTT et sont tous deux des collections d’objets : mais les types viennent accompagnés d’une nouvelle sorte de structures , les ∞-groupoides , qui consistent en les raisons ou manières dont deux éléments sont égaux , HoTT généralise ainsi des théories des ensembles comme la théorie coxnstructiviste de Bishop: 132 more words


Is the enemy not capitalism but democracy?

Can democracy be the enemy of democracy itself?

When Alain Badiou was asked why he claimed that nowadays the enemy is not capitalism but democracy he responded: 282 more words


Why it is good to grow up

I’ve been thinking recently about the concept of maturity and why it might be a good thing.

To put it one way, I’ve dated a lot of people I’d consider immature during recent encounters, and it’s been a stressful thing to deal with. 926 more words


The Resurrection of the Pre-Raphaelite’s “Fallen Woman” in Thirteen Reasons Why

The Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel of Thirteen Reasons Why has been well-received around the world. This is due to its freshness, beautiful-looking cast members and nail-biting plot. 1,256 more words

Philosopher Alain Badiou on How We Fall and Stay in Love

Love cannot be reduced to the first encounter, because it is a construction. The enigma in thinking about love is the duration of time necessary for it to flourish.

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'Another variation of formlessness'

“Isn’t the most profound education the one that was afforded me at my childhood elementary school, the one that divides the ink sharply between thought become Letter and drive turned into splotches and blots? 111 more words