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Why lowering my expectations has made me a happier traveller

Is there something fundamentally misguided about what we expect to get out of our holidays? Are we setting trips up to fail by promising ourselves the absolute best time, because it just has to be, because you need it and you’ve dreamed of it? 1,213 more words

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Perspectives on the News

“What are we meant to think? Where should all this go in our minds? What they present us with each day are minuscule extracts of narratives whose true shape and logic can generally only emerge from a perspective of months or even years.  

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Why We Travel

I wrote this essay for Verve  www.vervemagazine.in  some years ago but it is still relevant. Women respond intuitively to travel .Don’t defer the dream of travelling- it’s good for inner beauty :) … 1,174 more words

Alain De Boton

The Writing Process. Ideas for getting unstuck.

There are times when writers feel stuck. Things had been going well but suddenly the writing comes to a halt.  Either you keep taking too many breaks, or find yourself re-doing the same section or you sit staring at the screen knowing you’re not getting the narrative right. 519 more words


Repost-A Few Wednesday Thoughts Towards a Theme

Recently, British thinker Alain De Botton floated the idea of building an ‘atheist temple’ in the heart of London.  He recommends combing through religious practices for useful organizing principles in response to  513 more words


How do you find the city?

Right before I left for Madrid, over drinks in Cambridge, a friend of a friend leaned towards me and said You may come back to visit but its not going to be the same.   360 more words