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Pokemon Red/Blue are Still BadAss (Yes.)

Red and Blue are packed full of Badass-ness.   There is no doubt.

Like that Rival battle theme (the final battle)! YES!   When that theme was playing you were thinking “This is some REAL shit happening right here!”     The music in the Pokemon Mansion — you are thinking “WOAH!   334 more words

Daily Blog Challenge: January 20th

Today’s Theme: Favorite Psychic Pokemon

Ah, yes. One of the best types in the whole game. They’re cool, they’re edgy, mysterious and very fun. I think what makes them so awesome is their impressive library of legendary pokemons. 227 more words

Mystery Afghan CAL - week 10 

That’s it! My mystery afghan is complete! I was unsure if I would like it at some point during the CAL but now it’s finished I absolutely love it! 75 more words


Cinema Club: What Anime should I start watching. (Survey)

Alternate title for this post:  Can I get a little help?

As part of my growth as a geek I try to take on new challenges.  365 more words