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Future Sight

“Break the bow, Alakazam!” Karna grunted from under his breath, and it was enough for Alakazam to understand what his master wanted from him. His short fingers bent under his own pressure, and the spoons in his hand began to tremble slightly, but steadily. 2,751 more words


Best Party of First Generation Pokemon

When I was in elementary school, three things dominated my life: sports, sugary cereals, and especially anything Nintendo.  The franchise created content that not only captivated my imagination with vibrant Mario and adventurous Zelda (lists for another time), but with the pocket-sized creatures of Pokemon.   1,109 more words

Pokemon Red/Blue are Still BadAss (Yes.)

Red and Blue are packed full of Badass-ness.   There is no doubt.

Like that Rival battle theme (the final battle)! YES!   When that theme was playing you were thinking “This is some REAL shit happening right here!”     The music in the Pokemon Mansion — you are thinking “WOAH!   334 more words