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Six things you have to do when you're one day in San Francisco

Ever since I was little, San Francisco was one of the cities I just had to go to at least once in my life. Especially the big red bridge was what drew me in. 1,145 more words


Sanfrancisco - Alamo Square

샌프란시스코에는 알라모 스퀘어(Alamo Square)라는 공원이 있습니다. 공원이라서 유명한것 보다는 공원근처에 있는 파스텔톤의 집들때문에 더 유명합니다. 화창한 날의 근처 집들은 너무 이쁜색을 보이고있습니다. 알라모 스퀘어 간판을 보면서 공원을 들어서면 다소 소박한 공원모습에 실망을 할 수도 있는데요. 공원을 가로질러서 가면“아…이쁘다”라는 말이 절로 나오는 집들이 나옵니다. 모든 사람들이 길 맞은편에서 서로서로 사진을 찍는데요,실제 집에 사는 사람들은 좀 불편하지 않을까 하는 생각도 든데요. 오히려 이곳 사람들을 이런 모습을 자랑스러워 하는 듯도 보였습니다.


SF Alamo Square Park Closure Disappoints Tourists, But Neighbors Takes Advantage

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Alamo Square Park in San Francisco is closed through the end of the year, disappointing tourists—but giving locals an opportunity to re-forest the hill where they and their children and dogs play. 158 more words


San Francisco Says Goodbye To Alamo Square...For Now

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco’s popular and scenic Alamo Square will close next week for a seven-month renovation project, according to Recreation and Parks officials. 138 more words


I lost my heart in San Francisco

That was ten years ago.
Now I’m just being reminded why. There is so much beauty here to discover in this city, even within the ruggedness of some of the rougher areas. 3,220 more words