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Catch-22 (1970)

Mike Nichols adapts Joseph Heller’s famous 1961 satircal novel into 122 minutes of World War II black comedy. You laugh when you shouldn’t laugh, and you don’t laugh when you should. 341 more words


Catch-22 (1970)

It’s the bane of my literary existence, but I must admit that I have never read Joseph Heller’s seminal novel Catch-22. Please refrain from berating me right now, perhaps deservedly so, because at least I have acknowledged my ignorance. 597 more words


What To Watch After: Don't Breathe

For anyone looking for some supplementary viewing after Don’t Breathe I’ve given you a few options in my latest video. Bringing an article together soon enough to cover some more great disability horror.

"Grudge Match" | Movie Review

Grade (C+)

Stallone & De Niro were fun at times but the overall story-line and pace of the film hindered the enjoyment.

In many of his recent projects Sylvester Stallone has opted to share the lead with fellow Hollywood veterans and his newest is no different as he and Robert De Niro teamed up in “Grudge Match.” A sports comedy about two old boxers giving it one more go around. 523 more words

Grade C Plus

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)


The real estate business is terribly boring to anyone with human empathy and more than two functioning organs inside their fleshy husk, but any topic, with the right treatment, can be made exciting. 196 more words

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Making Beauty's a Montreal landmark since 1942: Hymie and Larry Skolnick speak.

From Dean Martin, Dustin Hoffman and Alan Arkin to avid fans from Montreal, Toronto and points abroad, Hymie (95!) and Larry (69) Skolnick and their family have made welcomed satisfied customers from all walks of life for four generations. 103 more words


Little Murders (1971) The Seventies and Elliott Gould ... Day 4

Alan Arkin directs, Elliott Gould stars in this seventies oddity taken from a 1967 Broadway play that Gould starred in only to see it flop after a mere seven performances. 621 more words