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Joint enterprise: is a 300-year-old law sending innocent people to prison?

A complex and controversial law is being used to jail many ethnic minority and poor people. Many say it is unjust.

Is it really possible that a law… 820 more words


Independent: Christians forced to hide their faith by equality laws, says senior Liberal Democrat MP

Christians feel that they are being forced to hide their religion because of “silly” interpretations of equality laws, a senior MP has said.

Sir Alan Beith, the former deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats and chair of the Commons Justice Select Committee, has likened the misunderstandings to those surrounding health and safety regulation, where the rules can be overzealously applied for the wrong reasons. 127 more words

Introducing...the Liberal Holy Spirit!

By James Crossley

So far we have seen that the Lib Dem Bible is largely Thatcher’s Bible. But, following Tony Blair’s socially liberal spin on Thatcher’s Bible, the Lib Dems have their own Lib Dem contribution to make, just as they have in the Coalition (right?). 1,205 more words

Bible And English Politics

A Third Letter to Lord McNally

Dear T-Mac (I have decided you are now worthy of a soubriquet which is down with the kids, feel free to reply to Biggie-G),

So much water has passed under the bridge since last I wrote. 1,325 more words


Seventh letter to the Lord Chancellor

Seventh letter to the Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice,

Mr Chris Grayling,

2nd July 2013.

Dear Lord Chancellor,

Congratulations, the U-turn you have announced on client choice for criminal defendants on legal aid is a master-stoke. 1,363 more words


The Lord's Finger

The famed Boardroom. In the middle sits Lord Sugar. To his right is Alan Beith and to his left Maura McGowan QC. The door opens and in walk the three contestants who have been brought back in to the Boardroom following this week’s task “Transforming Legal Aid”. 2,237 more words


"It's Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve"

How many times have i heard this oh-so-hilarious banter over the years? Too many to count.

I rarely watch the TV these days but in the corner of my eye, last night, I caught the pomposity of British Parliament bashing out the gay-bashing debate. 905 more words