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REVIEW: Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #2

Writer: Al Ewing

Penciller: Alan Davis

Colourist: Wil Quintana

Release Date: 19/08/15

Publisher: Marvel Comics


Endlessly charming

Parts that feel a bit too rushed… 782 more words

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New Mutants Annual #2 (1986, October)

More New Mutants goodness. By Claremont and Alan Davis, “Why Do We Do These Things We Do?”

We start a year ago, with Elizabeth Braddock in Switzerland. 1,326 more words


Review:Secret Wars:Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Issue 1

Written by Al Ewing

Penciled by Alan Davis

Inked by Mark Farmer

Colours by Wil Quintana

Lettered by Travis Lanham

Published by Marvel


Go buy this. 421 more words

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REVIEW: Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1

Writer: Al Ewing

Artist: Alan Davis

Release Date: 15/07/15

Publisher: Marvel Comics


It feels substantial

Some lesser known characters

Solid if plain art… 690 more words

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Neil Gaiman & Mark Buckingham Begin The Golden Age in Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham #1!

On September 2nd, two comic icons bring you the series that changed comics forever. And at long last – it will finally be complete. A tale that began 25 years ago begins anew this September in… 259 more words


Review: Captain Britain and The Mighty Defenders #1

As Secret Wars moves along, we are getting more books showing us the different regions of Battleworld and where the characters from the Marvel and Ultimate Marvel universes have ended up and how they’ve changed.  708 more words


Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders. If you only buy one Secret Wars comic make sure it's this one

When Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders was announced a lot of Cap fans myself included were excited by the idea but disappointed not to see the original Captain Britain in his own Secret Wars title. 594 more words