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Book Review: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner

“Everywhere is special, in some way. It was not imperative that I should be born in Cheshire; but it was imperative that I should know my place.

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Quote Of The Week

Elidor - Alan Garner

It’s cruel to expect children to save a world. Yet this is a relatively common motif in children’s fantasy literature, I think, and it’s kind of what’s going to happen with global warming. 493 more words


The Wizard's Well, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

Alderley Edge is full of stories. They lead you on, they turn you around, they catch on your clothes. Every path has a hidden bend and beyond each of these leaf-littered, sandstone-edged turnings is a story: a stolen cow, a weeping woman, a circle of witches or a sleeping knight. 505 more words


The Little Red Hen

Basic Plot Summary: A little red hen finds some grain and asks her farmyard friends to help her plant it, but they refuse. She asks for their help again to harvest the wheat, mill the wheat and then bake bread with the flour, but each time, they refuse to help. 669 more words

Fairy Tales

Cardiff - The Mabinogion, and The Owl Service (1967)

Back to Cardiff again – and a long train journey means lots of time to read another classic. Hmm – Wales, classic – it’s got to be the Mabinogion, a collection of about a dozen stories from the Welsh oral tradition, first written down in about the fourteenth century. 1,854 more words


The Stone Book Quartet

I’ve come by a circuitous route to Alan Garner. His books weren’t a part of my childhood or adolescent reading and though I’ve had a 1970’s (?) copy of… 1,333 more words

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