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Book Review Saturday - 'Shadow of the Wolf'

This book came highly recommended from some very highly reputable sources. One of them was a bookseller whose opinion I hold in high enough regard as to be comparable with Chaucer’s himself; the other was a knowledgeable and well-read Twitter follower who gushed about it in enthusiastic tones when I said I wanted to read it. 952 more words

Book Reviews

Blast from the Past: The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner

Blast from the Past is a new feature where I discuss the books and authors that, over a lifetime, have meant something to me. These are the stories I grew up with; the books which inspired me, changed the way I thought and started me off on a journey of discovery through imagined worlds. 578 more words


Red Shift - BFI DVD

On Friday night, I finally watched John Mackenzie’s Play for Today adaptation of Alan Garner’s Red Shift (1978), released on DVD as part of the BFI’s sci-fi season last year. 530 more words

Q&A with Simon Williams author of Dark Summer's Waters.

I am very excited to host this author question and answer with the immensely talented Simon Williams.  If you are looking for a children’s book unlike anything you have ever read before then I suggest you grab a copy of… 1,400 more words


Drop bolt

A friend, who at University attempted to teach me the guitar, developed a career first as a pharmaceutical rep then latterly as consultant in the same industry. 252 more words


The Intel: S Williams

Last week we went underground to review Tuesday Falling, in which a vengeful young woman who goes to war with London’s gangland and dispatches lots of unpleasant young men in a variety of violent ways. 937 more words


trope on a rope

For me, before literature came horror, but before horror was fantasy (first qualifier — yes, both horror and fantasy can be ‘literary’):  Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydian, the Christian propaganda that is Narnia, Alan Garner’s Wierdstone of Brisingamen, various iterations of the Sword in the Stone — British and American young adult fantasy fiction, and craploads of it.   1,401 more words