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Alan Garner on creativity

In 1966 […] I was reading graffiti in the waiting room at Alderley Edge Station. One, done in chalk, was: “Janet Heathcoat = Alan Flask. It is true.” Somebody had added, in silver lipstick, without punctuation or a capital letter: “not really now not any more”.

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Alan Garner

reading Diana Wynne Jones: Children's Literature and the Fantastic Tradition by Farah Mendlesohn

First published in Science Fiction Studies, in 2006

Diana Wynne Jones: Children’s Literature and the Fantastic Tradition – Farah Mendlesohn. (Routledge, 2005)

Like many people I first came to Diana Wynne Jones’s novel as an adult rather as a child. 1,229 more words


The anti-Narnia: Elidor by Alan Garner

I avoided the books of Alan Garner as a child. A 1970s Armada Lion edition copy of Elidor sat on my shelf, always taunting me. It might have been the threat of Tolkein-esque high fantasy suggested by its gaudy cover that put me off, or maybe, just maybe the sense of dread that permeated its pages were seeping into my world. 971 more words


Bright star: Gordon Hodgeon

In 1982 I was invited to be a visiting tutor on a weekend residential  course, in Goathland, for Teesside teachers of English. Talented teachers working in their own time, because they were excited by the possibilities of what children could learn and do. 2,665 more words

My Current Reading List PLUS! How to Survive a Solar Eclipse

Apparently there’s a solar eclipse happening right now. It’s so foggy out I can’t see anything so I’m here typing instead. Today is the last working day of my week off so I’m going to squeeze every bit of joy out of it I can. 677 more words


My Favourite Authors - Alan Garner

I’ve been toying for a while now with the idea of starting a new series of posts devoted to my favourite authors. There are a few writers whose work I turn to over and over, and who’ve all been huge influences on my own writing. 800 more words


Rereading John Gordon's The Giant Under the Snow

I was extremely excited by the news that Kazuo Ishiguro’s new novel is about Sir Gawain. As anyone knows who has ever talked to me about literature for more than a few minutes, and particularly if we have talked about Alan Garner, my favourite medieval romance, by a long distance, is… 3,068 more words