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First Light: A Tribute to Alan Garner

I imagine you’re all heartily sick of my going on about my new book (that is, Late Checkout, out on the 9┬áJune), so I thought, for the first time in a while, I’d post something that has nothing to do with crime fiction. 343 more words


Coincidence overload - Part II

Coincidence overload seems to be turning into some kind of natural state for me.

My previous post detailed the first string of coincidences to occur, and when Mr Fanshawe read it he said, ‘Well, if you have any inkling about lottery numbers, let me know.’ When one of my friends read the same post, she commented, ‘That’s a great read…. 617 more words


{Review} The Owl Service - Alan Garner

Owls. That was the pattern formed by the plates hidden upstairs. But these owls vanished when they were copied onto paper. With each owl that fades from the page, another layer of magic is awoken, forming a net that encloses the valley. 296 more words


Biyahe ni Beth : Back in England for 27 days

Geez it’s been a long while.Did I tell you all about our wedding plan progress? I’ve been busy in the real world.Yeah the postponed date has now been revived and move to happen in July 14,2016! 414 more words


In praise of Alan Garner: First Light

This beautiful volume is an anthology of tributes and personal responses to the work of Alan Garner, crowdfunded and published by Unbound, with contributions from writers, artists, historians, scientists and storytellers including Margaret Atwood, Stephen Fry, Ali Smith, Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman and Rowan Williams, to name but a few. 1,003 more words


E is for Elidor

Elidor is a children’s book written by Alan Garner, possibly the greatest British fantasy writer. Not my opinion but that of Philip Pullman, writer of the ‘His Dark Materials’, who therefore can be considered to have paid his dues. 123 more words

Book Review

The Common Dean by Alan Garner - Forest Fables podcast

Take a few minutes to enjoy listening to The Common Dean by Alan Garner – Forest Fables podcast

Podcast here 12 more words