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With the luxury of retirement, I’ve done a lot of reading.  These days, though, I’m more likely to put a book to one side, temporarily (if I know it’s good but I just can’t quite get into it right now) or permanently, if the writing is clunky and/or clichéd.   1,909 more words


Book Review: Red Shift by Alan Garner

Red Shift, 1973, is formed from the jagged pieces of three interlinked narratives. It is, by turns, unnerving, distressing and, in parts, oddly romantic. Each narrative’s timeline, though separated by a thousand years, is ‘present’ throughout. 411 more words

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317 Elidor

Elidor – Alan Garner

First Published 1965

First Puffin Edition 1967

Illustrator Charles Keeping

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Week 209: From 'The Aimer Gate', by Alan Garner

In my opinion Alan Garner, though still perhaps best known for his early children’s books, is one of the most interesting English writers of the last century in any genre (and happily still going). 507 more words


The Owl Service by Alan Garner

Scratching, scratching… scratching away, gnawing away, through the veneer of class, history, landscape & belonging; through language & myth.

The Owl Service weaves and dismantles; it explores; and exploits adolescence as crucible, chemistry set & melting pot; it touches on sexual frustration; on rumour & myth; it exposes tensions between incomers & native-born; between money & status; and between language & culture. 563 more words

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The Blackden Trust has been set up to promote and facilitate education, history and culture. The Trust is based around the life, work and experience of the writer Alan Garner. 1,130 more words