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Why Colin can't remember – reflections on Alan Garner's 'Boneland'

Boneland must be one of the strangest sequels ever written. It is not Alan Garner’s best book, but for the questions it poses, it is of great interest to all of us who write for children. 1,509 more words


The Keeper and The Lorelei

Alan Garner’s play for TV The Keeper is a relatively minor item in his oeuvre but it nonetheless captures some of his more enduring themes, most notably the unassimilable power of the land. 2,171 more words

Airway something something (waves hands in air)

With a couple of new papers landing that touch on the issue of how you provide and measure quality care around airway management, Dr Alan Garner returns to point at big animals that are bad at hiding.

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Beware Selfish Help books

I love The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I like the Fifth Mountain, Eleven Minutes, and I kind of like The Pilgrimage. But I felt compelled to buy all his books, and even though i stopped enjoying them I felt I had to own them all, just in case… 244 more words

Elidor: Edgelands as Liminal Space

In his study of Alan Garner, A Fine Anger, Neil Philip makes the point that Elidor might be seen as a book of two parts that “do not entirely marry”.[1] The reason for this is that the book begins with the discovery of the parallel world of Elidor but then does not return to explore this world later on. 2,367 more words

‘The Stone Book’ by Alan Garner

I got into Garner as an adult, when I was thinking more and more about English vocabulary, and how our decisions to use Latinate or Germanic words in our writing profoundly alters its effect. 175 more words

Zoe Gilbert

First look snake stuff

Dr Alan Garner has been here before, asking whether we’re asking the wrong questions when we try to measure quality advanced airway care. Here’s a fresh bit of research that adds to the discussion.

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