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Enter the Ninja (1981)

Though I wasn’t old enough to see this or any of the other Ninja films that were surfacing at the dawn of the 1980’s, I do recall the trailers that were being shown on TV advertising the latest martial arts craze to storm into North America whipping all us youngsters into a frenzy about black clad killing machines with pointed stars and other deadly weapons at their disposal. 659 more words

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 Although the 1954 movie The Black Knight was a stinker, in Alan Ladd it had an interesting lead…and having been shot in England, showcased some of the greatest British actors of my time. 1,481 more words

The Life of a Sex Zombie

Veronica Lake was in my living room yesterday morning, poised and bored, with the lissome form of a young dancer and the dead eyes of.  . 1,290 more words

Golden Age Hollywood

One Foot In Hell (1960)

Far from what one might expect, this Fox western in Cinemascope casts screen favorite Alan Ladd in what might be his most cold blooded characterization over the course of his leading man career. 780 more words

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This Gun For Hire

This Gun for Hire is Hollywood’s film noir take on Grahame Greene’s early (1936) novel A Gun For Sale, with the setting altered to America and an all American cast. 686 more words

The Alan Ladd Blogathon: This Gun For Hire (1942)

Rachel, over at Hamlette’s Soliloquy is hosting this blogathon all about the actor Alan Ladd. Be sure to visit her site to read all the entries. 1,071 more words