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Past Imperfect - #104

The store detective grilled the intruder: “Do you really expect me to believe that you broke into this store in the middle of the night and did… 44 more words


13 West Street (1962)

In what would prove to be Alan Ladd’s final leading role, this plays as a cross between Blackboard Jungle and the 80’s revenge flick, The Class of 1984 featuring a student gang from hell. 783 more words

Daily Take

My Favorite Brunette (1947)

A baby photographer impersonates a private detective and attempts to locate the missing uncle of a beautiful femme fatale.

Film Noir gets the Bob Hope treatment in this consistently amusing pastiche of the Sam Spade style detective story. 108 more words


Casting Ripley

Edited excerpt from Strange Shapes: The Making of Alien.

May 1978, and production, with all its attendant problems, was well underway at Shepperton Studios.

Though sets were being mapped out and constructed, some were being hotly debated; the Alien had been committed to canvas, if not rubber (Giger had not, for now, been tasked with the actual construction of his monster); the script was in a constant state of flux, and tensions between the producers and the film’s writers were beginning to break out with Ridley, trying to compromise between the O’Bannon script and the Giler/Hill rewrites, being stuck in the middle of a writers feud that had opened, and would probably close, the film’s inception and completion. 4,946 more words


This Gun For Hire (1942)

A killer for hire hunts down the men who double crossed him in the company of a beautiful night club singer with the police in hot pursuit. 165 more words


Malone (1987)

“I’m Malone.”

Simply put and to the point when asked just who he is. Burt Reynolds stars as the title character in this above average entry from the days when his career seemed to be sliding towards endless straight to video releases. 787 more words

Daily Take

Film Noir Friday: This Gun for Hire (1942)

Frank Tuttle’s This Gun for Hire is mostly known for a star-making turn by Alan Ladd, who plays a hitman named Philp Raven and who is cold as ice – except when it comes to kitties. 560 more words