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Past Imperfect - #104

The store detective grilled the intruder: “Do you really expect me to believe that you broke into this store in the middle of the night and did… 44 more words


Shane (1953)

George Stevens’ Shane is one of those sprawling, compelling westerns that can be shown to people who don’t normally like westerns. It’s so dense in terms of relationships and so lovely in terms of aesthetics that it transcends the genre. 632 more words


Poster of the Day: This Gun for Hire (1942)


 Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake star in this classic noir, directed by Frank Tuttle (All the King’s Horses), with a screenplay co-written by the great W.R. 78 more words


Full or Flat

When I was a child, one of my favorite cartoons was “Dudley DoRight,” probably because he was a Mountie–which was almost a cowboy in my young eyes–and rode a horse. 1,032 more words

Joan of Paris (1942)

This RKO production is a first of sorts for various reasons.

Paul Henried was making his Hollywood debut with this tale of five downed flyers trying to make contact with the French underground during WW2 and make their way back to England to keep up the fight against tyranny. 576 more words

Daily Take

Sophia Loren....Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - My Life

To see Sophia Loren smile is an on-screen treasure. To see her weep can tear down even the coldest of hearts.

For me Sophia is one of those go to ladies when I think of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen. 529 more words

John Wayne

Pale Rider: Film Review

A retelling, or a ‘pale’ imitation of a classic?

In a movie made in 1953, a man rode in to a one horse town and helped a subsistance farmer, his family and group of homesteaders stand up to the local cattle baron who wants to take over there land. 407 more words