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30DDC- Day Twenty Five

Favorite Lyrics

It wouldn’t be a Disney music question if I didn’t answer it with something related to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And this one’s no exception. 110 more words

Today in Nostalgic History...

1992 -Disney’s Aladdin was released in US theaters.

When a street urchin vies for the love of a beautiful princess, he uses a genie’s magic power to make himself off as a prince in order to marry her. 45 more words


30DDC- Day Nineteen

Favorite Soundtrack

This is probably the easiest one yet. There can only be one answer for this one…at least for me!

I’m listening to it as I write this, to be honest. 94 more words

30DDC- Day Seventeen

Best Eyes

I have to admit, I couldn’t come up with a great answer for this. I did know this much: whatever character I chose would likely have stunning blue eyes. 83 more words

30DDC- Day Sixteen

Favorite Singing Voice

Lots of Disney characters can sing well- it’s practically in the job description- but for me, one stands out above the rest. 83 more words

30DDC- Day Fifteen

Favorite Romantic Moment

This was another tough one. However, I’m trying to vary my answers a bit- I already used Belle and Beast, Cinderella just rules everything in my book, and while “Kiss the Girl” is swoon-worthy, Ariel and Eric just don’t quite do it for me overall.   93 more words

The Little Mermaid: When Disney went Broadway

This will work a little bit different from my “By the Book series”. I won’t cover the story and the main characters because I usually do this whenever I pick a Fairy Tale for my Fairy Tale month over at Honoring the Heroine. 5,044 more words