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News Week Nov 2 2017: A Spooky Halloween Aftermath

It’s time to pack up our plastic pumpkins and devour the last Kit Kats, as the Halloween season is now officially over. Whether that means it’s time to don a Santa hat and sing some carols, or get out your plushy turkey for a more regional part of the holiday season, the month of the spooky mood has passed. 850 more words

Author: Ekat

News Week Oct 26 2017: Oh Mann

I only have one real news story to bring to you all this week, but it’s an interesting one I’m happy to gush about. Alan Resnick, creator of many popular immersive projects such as This House Has People In It and AlanTutorial, and his group Wham City Comedy have started their newest series The Cry Of Mann on on Adult Swim. 417 more words

Author: Ekat