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As we get older, we cannot help but look back more and more. It’s inevitable – life is mostly about memory, and it’s often not even for nostalgic reasons.

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BUILDING A TERMINATOR: How Legacy Effects created a 1984 Arnold for "Terminator Genisys"!

When the co-owner of Legacy Effects and a disciple of Stan Winston, John Rosengrant first broke down the story elements of “Terminator Genisys” in the aspect of pratical effect needs, there was a section that caught his eye. 751 more words

Terminator Genisys

The Thor Franchise and Genre Switching

With the recent release of Thor: Ragnarok‘s teaser trailer, IndieWire writer Yoselin Acevedo made a short article about the upcoming addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 428 more words


Post #9: Introduction to American Revolutions

The new Alan Taylor book comprises a brief recap of Taylor’s previous book in the sequence: American Colonies. The introduction begins with the use of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writings that encapsulate an image of the time. 205 more words

Thor: The Dark World (2013, Alan Taylor)

Spoiler warning: these reviews reveal plot twists.

Thor must defeat a foe who wants to plunge the universe into eternal darkness. His quest leads him back to Earth and old flame Jane Foster, and also means an uneasy alliance with brother Loki… 1,139 more words

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History Thought of the Day: Revolutionary War

Drury Logan served in the Revolutionary War as did the four Logan brothers, William, Joseph, John, and Thomas. But in backcountry North and South Carolina, where our Logans lived, the war didn’t affect only soldiers and militia. 127 more words

Land paddle: Alan Taylor attack -Kahuna Creations UK rider dishing out some quick fire pier punishment

We were recently sent this edit from Kahuna Creations UK and North West based land paddle addict Alan Taylor. It might be a super quick edit but Alan dishes out some land paddling punishment to Southport Pier.

Land Paddle UK