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Life In The Continuum

Society facilitates is in ‘living as a continuity’, which is the worst possible thing for us. It doesn’t seem like the worst possible thing for us (it actually seems like the… 1,421 more words


Grasping at Straws—A Lecture on Faith

All our efforts at a spiritual life are prompted by self-interest—Alan Watts

Yet again, the promise of Christianity to make one a better person through faith, to dispose self interest for the greater good of mankind, to nobly tame the natural man through the submission of will actually intensifies self interest. 217 more words


Looking For Freedom Outside Ourselves

It isn’t just that who we are (or the way that we are) is in itself ‘good enough’, and so on this account we don’t… 2,888 more words

Short Articles

On word - Hygee (Hoo Gah) & How I Plan to Embrace Winter this Year

I never heard this word until last week. I was starting to plan for the holidays and feeling really festive and excited, until my heart sunk thinking about January and the rest of the winter. 1,062 more words



Another poem from Poetry Club. I was feeling a bit lost and defeated, I guess, but maybe we all do sometimes.

Thank heavens for hope.

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Time - Blind John (Part Five)

Alan Fleming, in response to Johnny in Time-Blind John (Part Four)

**picks up battered mic, nods an apology to the sound technician**

Philosophy is a funny thing, is it not? 347 more words