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whatever you’re doing, remember to dance

This animation, set to a wonderful quote from Alan Watts, conveys a message worth sharing.  Entitled ‘Music and Life”, Alan Watts rightly asks why we’re all in such a rush to get to the finish line. 15 more words

Language Learning

The Sound of Silence...

The sound of silence

Be Still

The quieter you become, the more you can hear”

                                                      – Ram Dass

Stillness in Cambria, California

 ” The sound of rain needs no translation” 98 more words


It’s just past 8am here, and I’m sitting here feeling very mellow. This piece of music is setting the mood for me. My morning started around 6am when I semi woke and sort of spent an hour drifting my way into full consciousness, switching between the… 528 more words


how to stop battling your mind

Well, not every day can be a winner. Today’s mood and the dark, stormy weather inspire more sober thoughts on the battle between the Mind and the Body-Mind. 185 more words


When we're afraid of the future...

It is so easy to let our minds carry us away from the present to the future. We imagine all kinds of scenarios, usually the worst, and find ourselves stuck and ruminating. 167 more words


Love your enemies

I have no enemies. Or rather I have no enemies that I know about. Which is just as bad.

I mean I have the stock standard villains that come with your default life settings. 727 more words

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When in doubt meditate. Or medicate.

I’ve been slack. Perhaps slacker is a better word, since I’m never quite completely taunt. I’ve been using the free-time allotted to me between work and child rearing to murder pixels on Playstation. 542 more words

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