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“Look, here is a tree in the garden, and we call it an apple tree because the tree “apples.” That’s what it does. Alright, now here is a solar system inside a galaxy, and one of the peculiarities of this solar system is that at least on the planet Earth, the thing peoples! 18 more words

Exploring Consciousness


daily enjoyment
impatient white buds rising
facing spring’s first rays

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Response to Carpe Diem #1651 dropwart (seri), Japanese parsley


What is a comfortable belt?

It is said that a comfortable belt is one that you don’t feel, and you are unaware of it. But that’s not the most comfortable belt. 152 more words

That Grand Success

Musings on a goofy word.

Life is not a journey.


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A marvellous system of wiggles

What Happens If You Stop Talking To Yourself All The Time

Now, it’s amazing what doesn’t exist in the real world.

For example, in the real world there aren’t any things. 1,596 more words

Expressions Of The One

Eternal Employment:  A Day Job Worth Keeping

“We will all be employed at Korsvägen.”

In a post on August 31, 2017, I pooh-poohed the question, “What would you do if money were no object?” “Baloney,” I said, “Money is always an object.” I take it all back. 738 more words


The Only Question

Picture this: the three of us — two daughters and myself — clustered together in my older daughter’s car, driving to Craftsbury to ski. My older daughter is talking, talking, talking, when her 13-year-old sister dryly mentions from the backseat the kind of tepid comment she sometimes offers — a sentiment along the lines of  140 more words