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Depeche Mode - Where's The Revolution? (2017)

Depeche Mode do politics! Yeah, on the surface of it, this might not appear to be a logical progression from their usual palate of religious imagery, distorted love, and general pain and all round suffering. 1,386 more words

When life gets you down...listen to Depeche Mode.

When life kicks you in the teeth one too many times, turn to music. That is my advice.
It’s certainly not going to fix everything (wouldn’t it be great if it did though?) but it definitely¬† helps. 448 more words


Music and Words

Sometimes you discover a band after their most glorious period and that happened to me with Depeche Mode. Today they announced their 14th studio album but it’s been more than 20 years since their keyboardist and many other titles, Mr. 164 more words